September 24, 2007
September 30, 2007

Adrienne returns!

Tuesdays workout was done in teams of two.

Steve and Kyle completed 9 rounds of:

7 push jerks with 40lb DBs
7 Swings with 32 kg KB
7 Hang squat cleans with 95 Lbs

John and Fred hit 6 rounds, Adrienne and Vanessa also got 6, (using 25 lb DBs, 24 kg bell, and 65 Lb bar).



  1. Adrienne says:

    It was great being back and seeing everyone. Like usual… Fred didn’t out perform me. 🙂 (except maybe for the muscleups)

  2. F2 says:

    Well, I’ve never before been accused of performance issues – that´s a first. Please stop the shit talking until you actually do a muscleup. It´s long past time.