October 4, 2007
October 10, 2007

Today’s Crossfit Elements class went well with our first two people who attended.
warm up
5 Dive bomber push-ups
10 Superman’s
10 V ups
10 burpees

Work out Tabata: 20 seconds work 10 seconds rest 8 rounds

Tabata Squats
The squat is at the foundation of so many Crossfit movements. It will be covered in most all elements classes. Keeping the heels down and not letting the back round were the cues of the day. Try to keep your eyes on the horizon and fight the forward lean.
Mariann’s Tabata squat score was 77 and Allen had 78. Remember we were going for form on this. Nice Job!

Tabata KB swings
The KB swing power and drive comes from the posterior chain. With a strong hip thrust the bell should be out in front of you with no arm bend. When you do this right you’ll be surprised how much weight you can move.

Tabata Ball slams
Follow the ball down to the floor so that your in a squat at moment the ball hits. That way your there to receive it. Don’t look down or your back will round out.

Tabata Push-ups
However your doing your push-ups keep your body tight and rigid. Chest to the floor and arms at lock out at the top of the push.



  1. John Frazer says:

    Hey Reggie,

    If you’re ever in NYC you’d better stay away from this gym:


    (From Coach Rut’s blog.)