October 14, 2007
October 17, 2007

Tonights workout was a nod to the college football “BCS”, mostly due to Ohio St. bieng ranked #1.

The session was comprised of 4 sectons, each scored. We did:

“Jeremy” 21-15-9 of overhead squats (w/ PVC) and burpees.

One set of max pullups.

5 minute Kettlebell Snatch set. Men using 24 kg, or 16 kg x.66, or 12 Kg x.5. Women use 12 kg, or 8 kgx.66

Tabata (4 rounds B2B squats, 4 rounds pushups) Average of low score for each exercise.

Final score= Pullups/ Jeremy in seconds x snatch x tabata

106.5 Steve O.
57.99 Kyle
36.05 Ari
17.07 Chris
15.53 Vanessa
7.32 Reggie
4.44 John

For the low scorers, the pullups were the killer. Work on them!



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