October 25, 2007
October 30, 2007

A bunch of us spent the weekend at the Performance Menu Olympic Weightlfting seminar. Robb Wolf couldn’t make it out from Cali, but Greg Everett travelled to the east coast to put us through our paces. I want to really thank those two for their willingness to help out, by doing this as a fundraiser for Laurie Yeh. She has had a huge amount of medical bills, and all the proceeds went to help that out. She is the wife of Allen, who is one of the “original” CFDC crew. It was great to see their whole family out for the weekend.

Of course Jesse and Mark did a great job hosting at Primal, and there was a strong showing from Jerry and the CF Challenge crew. I was proud of the CFDC crew as well. Brian, Steve, Fred, Russ, and Jen all were powerful and technically sound. I learned a lot, and feel much more comfortable getting under the bar.

So, be ready for a lot of O lifts coming up, and check out the Performance Menu.


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