November 6, 2007
November 8, 2007

We will have the Elements Class this Sunday at 9am for $15.00. This class will teach you some of the basics of Crossfit. You’ll get a good metabolic workout in while learning the skills that make up the foundation of Crossfit. All skill levels are welcome.

Why have we started this Elements class? Well, our class size has gotten much bigger over the past year. It’s hard with so many people in a class to make sure new folks are getting some one on one attention. With an elements class we can teach you without being so distracted, that way you can walk away feeling more confident about what we do in the Sunday and Tuesday night class. I would like to stress that the Elements class is not an “easy” class. It may not be epic in length, but it will work you! So if you have a friend that you’d like to bring this would be the perfect time and class for you and them.

On a different note Tom and I would like to hear what brought you to Crossfit. Please use the comment area to share with us how you heard about Crossfit DC and why you come.



  1. John Frazer says:

    Started doing CF around my birthday in Feb. ’04 — heard about it from a friend in Colorado. I figured if it worked for him doing trail running, BJJ fighting, and wilderness search & rescue, it would probably work for me.

    My first “Helen” time that April was 29:34 with 27 lbs. on an Ironmind kettlebell handle. Two weeks ago I broke 11:30 for the first time, with a 44# KB.

    Been coming to CFDC since before it was official — must have been fall ’04? One of the early workouts in the alley behind City Fitness. I think it was Tom, Russ, Fred, Adam L., and 1-2 others I don’t remember. Good memories!

  2. Anonymous says:

    a year ago i was growing tired of the chrome and the ferns and balloons (wtf? is this a gym or fucking romper room?) at golds. and all the people who thought they were “working out”;
    the cardio queens(“I dont wanna get big and bulky…”), the mirror mavens (gotta love that spandex), the women who wear makeup for their workout (huh!?), the syrupy sweet greetings from the emo at the front desk, all the fucking bicep curls and bench presses (can ya do a chinup? a deadlift?), the no chalk rule, scantily clad women who don’t even break a sweat, guys who go to “get their swell on” before hitting the club who also couldn’t even squat bodyweight without putting a needle in their ass, the people who don’t squat at all (it’s bad for your knees!), and basically all the folks who workout for looks, not for performance or health or fitness.
    so i searched for a new gym in town, something small, privately owned, with a minimum of equipment, preferably smelly, where people are passionate about what they are there to do. so i found balance gym. and a link to xfit.
    saw some of the workouts on the website and realized that these are some crazy muthafuckas. so i went to class and now i am hooked. and in the best shape of my life. i may have finally found some other folks who truly believe that if it doesn’t kill you, it makes you stronger (and are a little insane too).
    steve d

  3. alexis says:

    I had a boyfriend in California who had done it for years. He was in phenomenal shape and recommended the workouts because they were so short. Once I came out to DC for law school, I found my old hour-long cardio-and-weights workout was too much. I wanted to start the WODs, but didn’t know how to do any of them (split snatch wha?). So I came here. The workouts were brutally hard enough to keep me coming back.