November 14, 2007
November 19, 2007

We will have the Elements Class this Sunday at 9am for $15.00. This class will teach you some of the basics of Crossfit. You’ll get a good metabolic workout in while learning the skills that make up the foundation of Crossfit. All skill levels are welcome.

Why have we started this Elements class? Well, our class size has gotten much bigger over the past year. It’s hard with so many people in a class to make sure new folks are getting some one on one attention. With an elements class we can teach you without being so distracted, that way you can walk away feeling more confident about what we do in the Sunday and Tuesday night class. I would like to stress that the Elements class is not an “easy” class. It may not be epic in length, but it will work you! So if you have a friend that you’d like to bring this would be the perfect time and class for you and them. Or if you want come just because the class is a better time for you feel free!
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