November 29, 2007
December 3, 2007

Huge turnout for Sunday training, including some brave new recruits.

Jen started the morning of with an Elements class, focusing on squat form and swings. For fun she worked some Sandbag GPP in, as well as 8 count body builders.

We began our 10 class with a little light movement, then went into “Super Jeremy Plus” warmup. 21-15-9 of PVC OHS and Burpees, with 2 lengths of bearcrawl, 2 sprints, one crabwalk, and one length of walking lunges.

After the “warmup”, we went into team tabata circuits.

4 rounds at each station of DB thrusters, pushups and Mountain climbers.

4 rounds at each station of KB Swings, Situps and superman.

Finally, everyone did 4 rounds of bottom to bottom tabata squats.

Great effort from everyone, we ran 26 people through workouts.

Scores to be posted later.


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