December 12, 2007
December 16, 2007

Today Joe and I exchanged several emails, and he sent me a spreadsheet his training partner had put together of all their workouts. Now, these guys are the driving force behind CrossFit at the Pentagon gym, and they are great representatives. Many of the workouts they have are brutal. Sometimes they do the WOD with extra stuff thrown in. Like fight Gone Bad, but with six exercises, done for four rounds…cause it wasn’t bad enough to start.

The one point I made is that more is not always better. There is no way to put the unbridled intensity into a 30 minute workout as you can in five. The all out pace can not be maintained, so there needs to be a pacing (or just a nasty crash and incomplete workout). One of the ways i have found to bring that type of “sprint” mentality into a longer session, is to do short to moderate timed rounds with a viable recovery period. I gave Joe a couple of examples of how I might program that, and tonight’s workout on!

5 minutes of work/ 2 minutes rest
2 Dumbells total 35% BW set as standard, modifications as needed.

Max reps completed of:

1 Hang Clean
1 Thruster
1 Push jerk
2 Burpees

Ari aka “Mr. A” scored the highest with 60 total rounds, but used around 30 % BW
Melody hit 59 rounds, but at about 37% BW…she wins!



  1. lengua says:

    What about a moderate paced work with a sprint paced work added in every 5 minutes or something? At the track, I often do a workout similar to the following: 30 sit-up ups, 400 meter sprint all out, 1 minute plank hold and repeat 4 times. The plank is a chance to rest your heart rate before the sprint. As for Ari’s score. He name was published in yesterday’s Mitchell report. He has obviously been roiding out and taking HGH. He is sure to blow his temper in class any day and toss a kettle bell at someone.


  2. John Frazer says:

    The more I work out, the more I appreciate a short, challenging blast.

    I’ve been doing the Catalyst Athletics WOD the last few days and really like it–feels more balanced than the main CF site since it covers both heavy barbell work, skill practice for O-lifts, and some more specific abdominal training which I need.