December 14, 2007
December 23, 2007

Sunday morning workout:

5 rounds, done for max reps:

1 minute deadlifts
1 minute DB thrusters
1 minute box jumps
1 minute rest

Then we used Coach Burgners “finisher”, a minute of as many jump squats with the bar as possible. Steve O hit 50 to win the challenge.

Finally, we finished with a little general conditioning to send Leo off with. He has been a good addition to the class, and his willingness to suffer is inspiration and entertainment. Leo is leaving for the US Navy Tuesday, and has worked hard with the goal of becoming a SEAL.



  1. lengua says:

    Leo, good luck in training! Somehow I think your plank hold time is only going to get better in training.

    The jump squats zapped energy real fast. They went from, “oh this is easy”, to “S@#$” in 40 seconds.

  2. Russ says:

    Anyone who can make it through heavy deadlifts, squats, Cindy, a circuit of 400m runs, high rep one arm snatches, and db deadlifts, and the Filthy Fifty, one after the other with no rest, with a smile on his face, can make it through BUD/s. At least I’d like to think so.

  3. Maude says:

    Hey Guys, Wanted to shoot off a quick note letting you know that I’ve been doing the PF boot camp this month. Last night I did Fight Gone Bad and beat my score in September by 43 points getting a total of 220! See you in the New Year. Happy Holidays. Maude