December 28, 2007
January 7, 2008

A couple workouts to update:

Last Sunday we ended the year with a strength day. The workout was 5 sets Deadlifts for 3 reps, followed by a strict press/push press/push jerk. Plenty of rest between sets, the emphasis was on form and moving heavy weight. Most of the guys deadlifted over 315 and pressed over 135. Most of the women pulled over 135 with ease as well.

The highlight of the day was Kyle working up to a 465lb triple in the DL, and pressing 235Lbs. Amazing!

Tonight we went for a jumprope /dumbell combo.
3 rounds
100 skips
10 DB snatches per arm
100 skips
10 DB clean and jerks
100 skips
10 DB thrusters.

Weight was based at 1/4 BW per DB.

Finally, we are now a sponsor of Steve Liberati has started a non profit club teaching CrossFit to inner city kids in Camden NJ. Check out what he is doing, its great and he needs support. We are proud to involved in such an important effort.


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