January 3, 2008
January 14, 2008

Sundays classes:
Elements worked on perfecting form on the hand2hand KB swing along with the Air squat. With our toes to the wall and hands overhead Kristy, Reggie and Doug were able to keep there torsos up right. The difference in squat form is amazingly transformed after warming up with the wall squat.

Push-up form was next on the list. With the main focus of keeping our bodies as rigid as possible from the get go. Which is harder if your a tall person…so I’ve been told! We attacked push-up form by doing negatives. Lay on the ground, floor with your arms in position for the push up. Contract all your core and only then push off the floor. Slowly lower back down, with your whole body on the floor and repeat.

After that we headed up to the main gym to work on the front rack and front squat with Tom and the OHS with me. Mixed in with a little rowing which was a great way to keep warm! Great work and thanks for coming!

At 10am we warmed up with some Warm-up

30 jumping jacks
5 burpees
20 squats
5 dive-bomber push-ups

Worked on the overhead squat technique first using some PVC which was then incorporated into more warm-up work. After the warm-up we did 5-5-5-3-3-3 reps of overhead squats using appropriate weights.

I got some good photos of people doing there OHS. Photos are very helpful in correcting your form.
Lets take a look:

Tom doing some on the spot adjustments.

Steve is pushing limits as always! Nice work!

Looks like Steve has some Competition !


To top things off CFDC hit some metcon
With 3 teams the stations were:
Alternating Kb swings – 40 reps
medicine ball cleans – 20 reps
mountain climbers


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