January 24, 2008
January 30, 2008

Sundays Elements class covered the jumping pull up, elevated push-up and Rowing. This made up our first Circuit.
We ended class working on the Med ball clean. Which can be a tough one for people to get. At the bottom of the post I have included a video from our friend Jerry Hill covering the Med ball clean. During our Elements class I’ve been working with some of our new people getting them ready for the 10am class. At the same time working with some of our advanced people on advanced movements like Ring work and Barbell skills. If you have a skill you’d like to work on please drop me a email at conlin19@yahoo.com and we will get you in so you can become more efficient in certain skills.



  1. Anonymous says:

    Tabata Leave No Prisoners (or perhaps, Tabata No Child Left Behind) should be the title of Sunday’s workout.

    Great time!

  2. Crazy Mai(ko) says:

    or maybe “Tabata just made you its bitch”…

    Agreed, good workout! Still sore!

  3. crazy mai(ko) says:

    I’m just noticing how tubaSteve is flipping us off in one of the pics…I feel hurt…