February 17, 2008
March 3, 2008

Elements is on for this Sunday at 9am.

We had a great turn out last Sunday for Elements. It’s great to see people coming for two and three weeks in a row. It really makes it easy to see the progress that’s made. As is the standard for Elements we always start with a Row/jump warm up. Then we hit the big wall for our wall squats. This past Sunday I had enough people to do two little relays. The first one was teams of two rotating through 10 wall ball shots for 5 mins, the team with the most rounds wins. Doug and John won this one hands down.

On the second relay we did my personal favorite the Med-ball toss up and down the court while your team mate does burpees. Again it was a five min for rounds relay. I’m not sure who won this since everyone was just laying on the floor at the end! Nice Job to all! I look forward to seeing you this Sunday at 9am!

Sundays Crossfit

This was a killer workout that just never wanted to end!

It was an amazing turnout with over 20 people! Everyone gave 110%, it was outstanding!


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