March 30, 2008
April 2, 2008

“The Pendlay Row. Row the bar against your lower chest while arching your upper-back & without extending your hips or knees.
Pull Fast. Pull by arching your upper-back powerfully. The Pendlay Row is an explosive exercise. Move the bar fast.
Arch Upper-back. Try to make your shoulder-blades touch. Pull with the elbows. Bring your chest forward. Look forward.
Touch Lower Chest. Where the bar touches your torso depends on your build, hip position & angle of your back. Pull the bar where it touches your body for the Bench Press.

No Hip Extension. The hip angle doesn’t change, hips don’t extend. Only your upper-back, shoulders & elbows move.
Your torso will go up because of the upper-back arching. But the Pendlay Row is not a Deadlift: work your upper-back not your posterior chain. Your upper-back gets the most work when parallel to the floor. Here’s how I do Pendlay Rows.”


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