April 3, 2008
April 10, 2008

We now are officially offering an “Elements” class every Sunday at 9AM, taught by Jen Conlin. It is important to give people time to learn each and every skill that we use in our workouts, and refine the fundamental movements. This week we worked on the Turkish Get Up, Overhead walking lunges and a few Kettlebell skills. Jen has worked hard to bring people along, here’s what she has to say “It’s always fun for me to work with this group, you all are hungry every week and I thank you so much for being a part of Elements Of Crossfit DC. Tom and I both enjoy your passion!”

During Crossfit’s main class Alex took a fall, but got up without skiping a beat!

Steve and Alex, Awww how cute! It’s the heart rate check.

10AM session included a strength portion, as well as some metcon.

warmup, then
5×5 Deadlifts

followed by a session of 40 seconds work/ 20 seconds rest on
Med Ball Cleans
Box Jumps
Ab mat Situps
KB Swings
Ball Slams

We finished off with a Bearcrawl/ Sprint session on the B-ball court



  1. John Frazer says:

    So who won with the higher heart rate?

  2. Anonymous says:

    Seeing the “Tripping Red Viking” reminded me of this, but no pictures of us dying on the court for the first time in months??? Sadness!!

  3. redviking1 says:

    I think we both were around around 195- 200 bpm.
    I always think box jumps are a perfect time to practice my vicious back spin breakdancin’ move.
    Aint that right chocolate chip pancakes?

  4. Jen says:

    Maiko, The lights are so yucky in the gym the pictures always come out dark.

    Redviking, you looked good even while falling!

  5. John Frazer says:

    Dang, I need to put on my HRM and work harder — don’t think I’ve ever cracked 190!

  6. redviking1 says:

    Thanks Jen. Cause in the end, it’s all ’bout how you look…. 😉
    Speakin’ of looking good. That pic of Brian and his freddy mercury ‘stache is great.
    Nice one Brian Mercury

  7. Bah, that sucks Jen…

    That reminds me! John, will you be stopping by this Sunday? I REALLY need to return that Dumbbell DVD to you!!