May 6, 2008
May 8, 2008

CFDC workout for May 6th, 2008

Warm-up: 3 rounds of…

20 squats
10 push-ups
15 supermans

From there we went straight into the workout of the day.


In teams of three complete the following circuit 5x through:

10 Ball Slams
10 Push Presses
10 Medicine Ball Cleans
100 skip rope
10 Push Jerks

The winning team was Steve O., Chris and Tom who finished in 19:20 minutes. Ami, Maiko, and Mike finished second in 24:30 minutes while Ari, Reggie, and John completed the workout in 26:24 minutes.

There was some confusion about the differences between the push press and the push jerk. For the PUSH PRESS the movement is initiated with a dip and drive. However, once at full hip extension you press the weight overhead using the shoulders and arms. Aside from the initial dip and drive there is no lower body movement. The PUSH JERK also begins with the dip and drive, but to get the weight overhead you dip and drive and as the arms extend simultaneously drive yourself down into a partial squat. The jerk involves a second knee dip, and usually involves the feet shifting outward into a squat width. In the hierarchy of power output, the jerk is at the top, followed by push press, then the press.

Finisher: “Some Ab Work”

90 second plank hold
60 second v-sit hold
60 second plank hold


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