May 13, 2008
May 20, 2008

Workout for Sunday 5.18.2008

This looks awfully suspicious…

After warming up, we tackled the strength portion of the class with the following scheme:

5×3 Deadlifts
5x {1 strict press, 1 push press, 1 push jerk}

Mark and Reggie both worked up to 385 lb triples. Strong showing from the ladies, with Ami and Monica hitting 175 and Maiko pulling 185 for 3. Melody set the gold standard with 225×3, and it looked like she had a few reps more in the tank!

Again if you need a visualization of the differences between the various presses, check out the video posted in this entry.

The aim was to work up to your true 3RM for the deadlifts and your 1RM for the presses and push jerk.

Once everyone had completed the strength work, we got into some serious metcon work in the form of…MUSICAL CHAIRS.

You know the drill with Musical Chairs. The added CFDC touch? If you don’t get a seat, you do one of the exercises on the whiteboard above. Which exercise it is depends on which round we’re on. Fun times, but there was an extra treat once all the chairs were gone too! The entire class did 30 second intervals of each exercise one time through. It was 6 minutes of work.

Additional work with the chairs:

The class was put through some stretching utilizing the chairs (may ring a bell for the folks in Winnie’s yoga class). Finally we did some L-sits using the chairs before wrapping up class.

As usual, good work from everyone!


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