May 19, 2008
May 23, 2008

Not too long ago some nutty person mentioned they had a birthday in May and wanted to have a BRUTAL workout, CFDC style, as a gift. Well, today was the day so consider that wish granted.


30 squats
20 push-ups
20 supermans
20 scorpions (10 per side)

Workout: Birthday Madness!!!

Since Maiko turned 26 we toyed with 13 reps for 15 different exercises (13×2 = 26). You only had to go through the entire circuit once, but one time through was more than plenty of work. The class was broken into four groups of 3. For each exercise requiring weight, there was a specific weight designated for the guys and the ladies. BUT the ladies used the 45lb KB for the KB swings! Renegades!

The killer was surprisingly the Turkish Get-ups. That isn’t to say the 65 reps of pull-ups was a walk in the park…

Cool Down: Celebrate!



  1. Adrienne says:

    Happy B-day Maiko!!

  2. CFDC Maiko says:

    Thanks Adrienne!! ^o^

    Also big thanks to Tom for such a kick-ass class! I can’t think of a better way to kick off my 26th yr!

  3. F2 says:

    You mean your 27th year??

    If you’re going to call me out on the hyphen, I cant’t resist…..

    Happy Birthday!

  4. Redviking1 says:

    Happy Birthday Maiko!!! Anyone complaining about last Thurs class being tough……..not complaining anymore.

  5. Jen says:

    Happy B-day! I forgot about class and went to happy hour. So I had a dirnk for you!

    Hey, how come the white board’s in front of you? Are you naked? Did you do the workout in your B-day suit?

  6. cfdc maiko says:

    thanks guys!!!

    damn Jen, why you gotta call out the birthday girl like that???

    Fred, 26th year!!! Not 27th!

    Viking – Not sure about that! I felt like I lucked out last thursday! Ladder workouts are brutal!