May 20, 2008
May 24, 2008

It was a small class last night, but we got a lot of work in!

For the warm-up, some PVC work with the overhead squat was in order as that was the first thing we tackled in the strength portion of class.

Workout I:

5×5 OHS
4×5 Front Squat (sub with Back Squat for Ami)

As always, the aim was to find your 5RM for each exercise.

Elbows high for the Front Squat. And no, Eva T. wasn’t in class yesterday.

Workout II: The torture session.

Aren’t the simple looking workouts usually one of the more brutal ones? The group was put through a workout that was used for a few Rugby players a few days ago. Class was split in two teams of two, one pair starts on the rower while the other starts on the KB swings. The required reps are listed (calories for the rower). You work through the circuit once and that’s more than enough. Oddly enough, no one complained about the burpees for a change. The toughest of the exercises seem to be the rowing and the ball slams. Tom finished first with Reggie finishing soon after!

For some info and pointers on rowing, check out these videos from the Crossfit main website.


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