May 24, 2008
May 28, 2008

Those who stayed in the area were treated to a nice outdoor workout since it was beyond beautiful out. Before the class was herded outside Jen led everyone through the warm-up on the court. I’ll be honest, I don’t quite remember everything that was done on the court but it went something like this:


5 burpees
bear crawl half court
lunge walk half court
run backwards to start

20 squats
broad jump half court
crab walk half court
run backwards to start

Spider crawl down court
run backwards to start

2x though…
10 squats
10 sprawls

What was that saying? “Our warm-up is your workout”?

Workout: 5x through…

Run down to S St. and back (~0.20mi) *see end of post
30 KB Swings
10 wall ball
10 handstand push-ups

Yet another one of those simple looking workouts. If you take away anything from CF, or even just CFDC, it has to be “simple = BRUTAL AS HELL.”

Everyone had to start each round with the run, but after that they could pick whatever exercise to do next. The men used the 20lb ball for the wall balls while the women used at least the 12lb ball. While a lot of folks did the HPSU as Rx’ed, others did a modification that involved walking the feet up the wall and doing the pushups with the body and legs at an angle.

Everyone finished in under 30 minutes. Jason beats everyone with his 18:07 time with Karen, Steve O., and Chris R. following in at 22:06, 22:10, and 22:15 respectively. Strong work as usual! And you thought the court workouts were rough!

*If you run but don’t have a track handy you can use RunThere to determine the distance of your route. It’s not 100% accurate but it gives you a good estimate. You don’t need a membership to use it, just type in the address and it’ll take you to a Google map where you can draw out your route and find the distance it covers.



  1. chris says:

    Still just happy I didn’t puke. That was horrible/great fun.

  2. CFDC Maiko says:

    man did I look sad in that pic…KB swings are HELL!