May 26, 2008
May 30, 2008

CFDC for 5.27.08

Warm-up: Medicine Ball Clean Progressions.

Starting with deadlifting the medicine ball, we worked our way to the actual medicine ball clean for 10 reps. Remember, you’re not curling the ball but are actually getting beneath the ball. Also remember the SHRUG before you get beneath the ball. It’s best to use a Dynamax ball for practice since you can use the lacing as a guide to see if you’re getting beneath the ball or just curling it.

Workout: “Kiss Your Quads Goodbye”

6x of…

25 Squats
10 Medicine Ball Cleans
10 Burpees

The men used 20lb balls for the cleans while the ladies used the 12lb ball. Steve O finished first (surprised?) but Chris was not too far behind!

Skill Work: Double KB Cleans.

Worked on some progressions included the single KB clean and the double KB swing. After going through the progression each person did a double KB clean and pressed the weight as many times as possible. After that was the clean and jerks in the same manner.


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