June 1, 2008
June 5, 2008

A little late but you’ll live…

Sunday’s Class (6.01.2008)


15 squats
5 dive-bomber push-ups

15 Supermans
10 Scorpions

Workout I: Strength work with the Deadlift and Strict Press.

The rep scheme was 3×5 then 3×3. Remember, the press involves no lower body movement. No hip drive, no dips, just upper body work. Saw a lot of people doing push presses instead of a strict press.

Workout II:

In groups of three complete the following 5x for time…

100 rope skips
10 DB squat cleans
10 clapping push-ups

The ladies of DC are killing the competition!! Kristy, Brenna, and Drea completed 5 rounds just a little over 15 minutes but everyone finished within 5 minutes. The workout was definitely not as long as Thursday’s but 50 squat cleans and clapping push-ups are no joke.

As usual, great work from all!


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