June 3, 2008
June 7, 2008

We kept things inside today and did some strength work first after loosening up with 20 bodyweight squats and light bar work.

Workout I:

First we tackled the BACK SQUAT for 5×5. Liselle, a newcomer from Sunday, worked on her squat form while Tom and Kyle ramped up the weights on for the back squat. Tom maxed out at 185lb and Kyle reached 315lb!

Now remember that thing about virtuosity? Mastering the basics first? Seeing as the squat is the fundamental movement to nearly all exercises we do in Crossfit, I thought it would be good to post the “Squat Therapy” video from the main website as a refresher. This video is good for ideas on improving the movement.

Remember: keep the torso erect, the crease between the thigh and the hip below parallel, and drive through the heels of your feet, not the toes!

Next up was the STRICT PRESS for 4×3. Everyone was good with keeping the shoulders shrugged and the lower body tight and steady. Tom actually got 2 reps at 135lbs while Kyle got 205lb for 2. Liselle worked her way up to 35lbs.

Workout II:

Three stations for three rounds. One minute at each station with 30 seconds of rest.

Rowing (total calories)
Thrusters (95lb/35lb)
Pull-ups (25lb/jumping)

Keep track of total reps for each exercise.


Gotta love that camera phone quality.

The first set of scores is for the rowing, the second is for the thrusters, and the last for the pull-ups. Whose crazy idea was it to do weighted pull-ups?



  1. reggie says:

    Greetings from Amsterdam everyone! This workout sounded impressive (and brutal…as usual). 🙂 Kudos to everyone that completed this session.