June 7, 2008
June 11, 2008


5x thru on the minute

5 Burpees
10 OHS with PVC

2x thru

10 push-ups
10 scorpions (10 per side)
Samson Stretch (20 secs per side)

We tackled the strength portion of class with some Overhead Squats.

Again, the key thing to remember is to shrug the shoulders when holding weight overhead. Shove those shoulders into your ears and, as always, maintain that upright torso throughout the entire movement.

Workout I: Complete 50 reps of OHS using one of the designated weights in as few sets as possible.

Men Weights:
a). 95lb
b.) 75lb
c.) 45lb

Women Weights:
a.) 65lb
b.) 45lb
c.) 35lb

Great work from Fred and Tuba Steve who both did 50 reps in a single set @ 95lbs!! Chris S. also did a great job in knocking out 50 reps @ 95lbs in two sets, getting 46 before his narrow grip brought the first set to an early end.

Workout II: Partner Ladder with Swings and Sit-ups

In teams of two, each person takes turns completing reps before moving onto the next set. So for the 1st set of swings (1 rep), person A does the rep and then person B does the rep before both move onto the next set (2 reps). The teams worked through the KB Swing ladder before moving onto the Medicine Ball Sit-ups.

Instead of holding the ball close to the chest for the sit-ups, it was kept out in front of the chest with arms straight and then overhead at the top of the movement.

Rest up for Tuesday’s class. And don’t forget to stay extra hydrated until then, the heat is not leaving anytime soon.



  1. Anonymous says:

    sore sore sore. shlds and traps. and i had to cover my hands with goop and put sox on them when i went to bed cuz they were so beaten up. great workout!


  2. Chris says:

    still bitter…

  3. Tom Brose says:

    Learn the appropriate grip!

  4. F2 says:

    Ummm, was there a posterior chain whooping secretly included in that workout?

    My glutes are not too happy with me today….

  5. Anonymous says:

    i also have an ass rash from the situps. thanks!

    tubs again

  6. reggie says:

    On another note, I’m digging the new look of the blog. 🙂

  7. CFDC Maiko says:

    Reggie!!! Class isn’t the same with you gone! It’s too quite! ;P

  8. reggie says:

    @Maiko (and everyone else at CrossFit DC): I’ll be back soon to continue my (loud) grunting (lol). Right now, I’m giving Amsterdam a taste of what they’re missing!