June 13, 2008
June 18, 2008

Everyone did 10 shoulder dislocates with a PVC pipe before hitting the warm-up.

Warm-up: complete for time

30 overhead squats (w/ PVC), 15 burpees
20 OHS, 10 burpees
10 OHS, 5 burpees

Skill Work: The Hang Squat Clean

More progressions! We started off with the shrug from the hang position and worked up to the actual hang clean.

Shrug -> Shrug and pull -> Front Squats -> Hang Squat Clean

Image snagged from cathletics.com

Aimee Anaya demonstrates the hang position. The bar is just above the knees for the starting position.
Another image from cathletics.com

And here’s the finishing position of the clean. Elbows need to be up and not digging into the thighs when you’re in the squat. Rolling the bar to the fingers will help if you start feeling pain in the wrists.

From there everyone was put into teams of two and the torture metcon work commenced!

Workout: Eight 3 minute rounds of…

Jump Rope
Hang Squat Cleans + Press

One minute per station. The number of reps completed for the Hang Squat Clean + Press counts as your score. Some people may think that a good metcon workout needs many different exercises, but with demanding movements such as the Olympic lifts you don’t need a laundry list of other exercises for an effective workout.


The winner was Ewunike with a total of 86 reps with Chris S. coming in second with 82 reps!!


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