July 6, 2008
July 10, 2008

Tom was back from his week in Cali which included watching the CF Games. Needless to say he was feeling “inspired.”

Warm-up: 3x

20 squats
10 push-ups

Skill Work:

Before hitting the workout we worked on the DB Deadlift. We also did some front squats, presses, and finally some thrusters.


Class was split into two groups, with the more experienced athletes working on the DB squat clean into a Thruster. In place of that, newer crossfitters did deadlifts and thrusters.

Group I – Starting at 8 reps and 80 skips, work your way down to 1 rep and 10 skips for the following exercises:

Jump Rope

That’s 8 rounds total.

Group II – Starting at 12 reps and 120 skips, work your way down to 1 rep and 10 skips for the following exercises:

DB Squat Clean Thruster
Jump Rope

That’s 12 god awful rounds total.

The second group took longer to finish the workout, but in the meantime the first group got to work on some squatting. At a pace that encouraged technique over numbers, the newer athletes did 5 rounds of 30 seconds on/ 30 seconds rest. Still enough to fry the quads!

Ab Work:

1 min Plank Hold, 1 min V-sit
45 sec Plank Hold, 45 sec V-sit
30 sec Plank Hold, 30 sec V-sit

Great work everyone, and welcome back Reggie!! You better be icing that knee!

Oh yeah, Tom wants a whole army of CFDCers at the Games next year. Anyone in?



  1. TOMandAMI says:

    no slacking – Ami and I came late but we did the full Group 2 work-out in under 25 minutes for both of us.

  2. CFDC Maiko says:

    Nice work!! That workout was tough!