July 30, 2008
August 6, 2008


As mentioned in class, Tom will be away for a month starting Wednesday but classes will be held as regularly scheduled. So no worries, you’ll get your CFDC fix from trainers like Jen and Alex!

Warm-up: 3x…

20 squats
5 dive-bomer push-ups
10 supermans/hyper extensions

After the warm-up we walked through some DB snatch variations as well as the single-arm DB clean and press before moving right into the workout of the day.

Workourt: Complete for time…

25 Split Snatches (25 reps per arm)
30 v-ups
40 PVC/Hurdle lateral hops

25 snatches (25 per arm)
30 windshield wipers/side to side leg rise
40 PVC/Hurdle lateral hops

25 Clean + presses (25 per arm)
30 sit-ups
40 PVC/Hurdle lateral hops

Finisher: Birthday Treat!

Tomorrow is Tuba Steve’s 35th birthday so we did a finisher in his honor as a birthday gift. Sounds like CFDC officially does birthdays now!

Complete in any order:

35 pull-ups (any variation)
35 Double Unders
35 ball slams
35 Double Wall-ball

Strong work from everyone as usual, and don’t forget to send Tuba Steve some b-day wishes!

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