August 6, 2008
August 10, 2008

Sorry for the lack of post folks! You know how moving is!

Since Tom’s out of the country for a while, Thursday classes will be covered by none other than the Red Viking (Alex)! Here’s what he had for us today.

Warm-up: 3x…

10 PVC Shoulder Dislocates/pass-thrus
100 skips (jump rope)
10 dive-bomber push ups
10 scorpions
10 squats


800m Run (the Mass Ave 800m)
21-15-9 reps of…

You start each round with the 800m run. While running the block is about 800m, the Mass Ave 800 is special in that there’s that awful hill you hit twice (once downhill, then going back uphill). It sucked, end of story.


Great workout and great work from everyone as usual! If you want, post your loads to the comments. Otherwise rest up for Sunday’s class!!

**NOTE** If you want to send pics for the blog feel free to email me at superochokochoi (at) gmail (dot) COM!!! Contributions are more than welcome. My camera is MIA, you know how moving is!



  1. Chris says:

    Load? The only load I recall was the one I nearly regurgitated running up that bloody hill. I swear that thing was longer the third time than it was the first time we ran up it…

  2. CFDC Maiko says:

    bah! You are WEAK!!

    I kid, the run was baaaaaaaad. It felt worse since the last time we had to run it (maybe because it wasn’t 3x). I didn’t feel like hurling but my bodily functions felt like they were going to shut down during the 2nd and 3rd runs. Not good…need more running in the diet…

    As for loads…I used two 25lb for the thrusters. It sucked. I couldn’t remember to clap for the burpees…I’m sure there’s a good reason for clapping but I’ve always focused on getting a decent jump versus clapping overhead.

  3. redviking says:

    you didn’t clap overhead as rx’d !!?
    Hmmmm, looks like you may have a do over 🙂
    As for the clap overhead, my opinion is that it forces the athlete to come to full extension out of the jump as opposed to jumping with hands @ head height. Full extension= full functionality.
    Great Work by all!
    I love this shit!!

  4. Tom Brose says:

    Keep it up! so far my workouts have been:
    8/6 WOD before flight

    250 air squats on plane

    Power snatch/ and clean pulls, finished w/ K2Es

    Double unders and pushups.