August 13, 2008
August 15, 2008

“Stay uncomfortable!!”

Warm-up: Alex luckily went easy on us here, especially compared to what Steve O. had us do Tuesday!

10 Shoulder dislocates

5 squats
5 push-ups
5 sit-ups
5 supermans
5 scorpions

…And that’s where the “went easy on us” stuff ends.

Strength Work:

Haven’t seen a Strength Work section in a while!! Alex had us work on the shoulder press using a 5×5 scheme. Remember, a shoulder press does not involve any lower body movement. If anyone can think of any tips or visualizations to help when doing the lift, do share!


Complete 3x…

10 pull-ups (any variation)
20 KB Swings
30 Box Jumps

Finisher: “Walk With A Beach”

You probably noticed it in the picture of the white board above…After the workout Alex had each of us grab a sandbag or medicine ball to carry out from the Phelps entrance to California Street 2 times!

Carry it any way you want. If your load is light, press it and keep it overhead!

With some stretching and foam rolling class was finished! Strong work from all as usual and yet another great class from Alex!

**Feedback Request**

Hi all! I sure do love the Crossfit One World blog and would like to make this one just as good! In order to do that, I thought it would be great to hear what you guys feel is lacking from the blog. I know daily postings is one, but other than that what do you guys think we can do to make this blog better? Layout, content, etc, etc,…I want to hear it!!


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