August 15, 2008
August 21, 2008

Alex’s game plan today was simple: get ready for the Fight Gone Bad III fund raiser coming up next month.

In its third year, the event is scheduled to take place on Saturday, September 27th. We may hold it on Sunday like last year but check with Tom for more information. CF Affiliates worldwide participate on by raising money for Athletes for a Cure and doing the Fight Gone Bad workout. I’ll have a blurb about the actual workout further down. This year funds will also go to the Wounded Warrior Project. Here’s some info I got through an email:

“Athletes for a Cure is the proud presenter of this event, happening September 27th, 2008. Last year, we set and reached our goal, raising over $275,000 for prostate cancer research. This year, the goal is $500,000 and we know how you are about goals!

Awards for this year are:

*Raise $150 or more and get an official event T-shirt.
*Top 3 national scorers in each division (male and female) will receive a Custom Sterling Silver, Hand-Stamped Dog Tags set with the winner’s name and facility on one tag and their score, location and FGB III on the other tag, with a sterling chain. (see below)

Additional prizes can be found listed on the site.”

To read more about the FGB III Fund Raiser, start here and here!


As for class, Alex didn’t throw us right into his FGB set-up.


Workout: Fight with Fran!!

3 rounds, 1 minute per station with 1 minute rest between rounds:

Thruster (75# for men, 55# for women)
Pull-ups (any variation)
Box Jumps

Info on Fight Gone Bad:

FGB involves 5 stations or exercises for 3 rounds. A minute is spent at each station before you move onto the next station with a minute rest between rounds. The key here is score keeping. You score is the total reps completed and calories burned for the rower. While the workout is only about 15 minutes long, if you go hard enough it should be the toughest 15 minutes you’ve ever done for a workout.

Instead of Sumo Deadlift High-Pulls and Push Presses, Alex had us do Pull-ups and Thrusters (the two exercises of Fran for those wondering).


Very brutal workout today! Stay tuned for updates regarding the fund raiser.



  1. Mike says:

    Did anyone else see Tommy B on the site (Aug 16)?