August 24, 2008
August 29, 2008

How awesome is Steve O. for stepping up to the plate and whipping up a workout in minutes when we realized we were trainer-less? Another CFDC session led by Steve means the workout wasn’t a walk in the park. Nowhere NEAR a walk in the park…

Warm-up: Do your own thing for a few minutes.

Workout: Complete for time…

100 Bodyweight Squats
90 Double Unders (scaled: 180 rope skips)
80 Sit-ups
70 Thrusters (45lb for men, 25lb for the ladies)
60 Pull-ups (any variation)
50 Box Jumps
40 KB Swings (24kg for men, 16kg for the ladies)
30 Ball Slams (40lb for men, 20lb for the ladies)
20 Knees to Elbows
10 Burpees

Choose whatever order you want but no partitioning of reps and exercises a la “Murph”. You must complete the rx’ed # of reps before moving on to your next exercise of choice.


That was quite the workout! Thanks again to Steve O. for the torture leading class on short notice!! So which was worse, this workout or “The Leg Matrix” he had us do a few weeks back as the 1st out of 3 workouts??



  1. tomandami says:

    Kudos to Steve O. indeed. Leg matrix worse but yesterday was more like a endurannce test (and a bitch). Glad today is a rest day.

  2. a.tuttle says:

    That looks insane, sorry I had to miss it…

  3. CFDC Maiko says:

    I think my jaw dropped when I saw the whiteboard. I was already worried when I noticed he had been jotting the workout on the board for 5 minutes. But the Leg Matrix was definitely worse!!!

  4. Chris says:

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  5. This looks awesome! Chris and I will have to make this up, although probably not too soon after our return from our pigging-out-and-no-workout-for-two-weeks vacation!