October 10, 2008
October 15, 2008

Awesome job to everyone who competed in the Mid-Atlantic Hopper! Crossfit BWI did great organizing the event as well. Hopefully this will become an annual event! For those who didn’t make it, the workouts were:

Workout 1:

30 Front Squats @ 1/2 bodyweight
1 mile run

Workout 2:

10 Burpees
5 Sumo Deadlift High-PUlls (135 for men, 95 for women)
25 Double Unders

20 Burpees
25 DUs

30 Burpees
25 DUs

20 Burpees
25 DUs

10 Burpees
25 DUs

With a 15 minute cut-off it’s not surprising that a lot of people were not able to finish the second workout in time. I think most people were on round 4 by the cut-off which is still crazy impressive. Keep an eye on the CF BWI website for pictures and videos!

Now, for our Sunday class…

Warm-up: 2x

20 squats
5 Divebomber Push-ups
15 Hyperextensions

Workout I: Front Squats 4×5

Work up to your 5RM!

Workout II Using a DB equaling ~20% of your bodyweight, complete 6 rounds for time of:

12 DB snatches (12 per arm)
18 V-ups
24 Double Unders

Post loads to comments.



  1. Anonymous says:

    weird how fast that stupid “ysae” tattoo on my chest went away. i woke up today and it was gone. oh well. the spot where it was is VERY tender tho! i was a little offended by the easy button on the burpees- i take pride in thudding the floor on every rep at the bottom of my pushups. maybe i should make my reps shittier to get better numbers! also, i am sore in places i didn’t know were there. Russ performed impressively- first place on the first WOD! i am still coughing up pieces of myself from that one.
    the 2nd WOD not only hurt the body, it hurt the SOUL- i was demoralized by being unable to finish- goddamn double unders and burpees joined forces to crush me, but at least i beat the guy next to me who was 14 yrs my junior.
    looking fwd to trying this again- what a great time with neat folks and exc food on a perfect day (even if it did start about three hours earlier than i would prefer)


  2. CFDC Maiko says:

    Easy Button and Burpees…You might as well do a super funky worm instead. I’d be shit out of luck if I did the workout since my thighs would hit the floor before my chest. Or maybe not…Still, a very creative standard! I noticed the guys were getting killed with the burpees and DUs (unless you were good at them) and then the women it was pretty much everything! That was one beyond nasty workout. You don’t know how impress I was that anyone got to round 4 or even 5.

    Yesterday’s challenge and class today has inspired me to write up a Goat List — basically a list of exercises I suck at. DB snatches and DUs are on the top of the list, so today’s workout was a personal Goat Workout. Now if only I can remember where I read about Goat workouts…

    As for class – maxed out @ 105# for the FS. Used 25# DB for the last workout and did craptacular DUs. V-ups…they’re awkward, but I had a epiphany! My abs are very weak and I’m sure it’s because I’ve stopped going to Krav (did a lot of ab work on top of the punching and kicking which involves your core…unless you want to fight like a wuss). Will have to go about doing some ab work on my own to hold me over until I start going back to krav.

    Ok, I wrote too much, off to make my goat list. But you guys did great yesterday!!! Actually, Tom do you know how many people finished the 2nd workout? And yeah, Russ killed the first workout. He didn’t even look tired, more like “you call this a workout? b*tch, please”

    Oh, and how cute was the little girl Ruth?? Ruth was a 10yr old girl who competed in the challenge. Watching her (and talking to Tom after the event) definitely made me change my mind about CF Kids.

  3. Tom Brose says:

    Tuba Steve, Tom A., Alex (red Viking), Russ, Karen and Andrew all did a great job, and appreciated Maikos support. That last workout crushed some very tough athletes, and anyone who came close to finishing gets respect.

    The Goat workout come from San Francisco CF, the point is to do whatever you are worst at. Actually, i think Maiko is really good at DB snatches, although she may not like them. Anyone who isn’t good at double unders will really suffer when they come up, more from frustration than exhaustion. The way around that is…to get good at them. Notice our double under queen finished first today?

    The kids who competed in the MAHC really were inspirational. That 10 year old girl did 4 rounds of the second WOD, and redid any burpee where she didn’t touch without being told. I was actually trying to get her to break, although her dad was great about giving her water and checking on her, but she just kept going. The best part was her smile the whole time.

  4. CFDC Maiko says:

    Oly Cert Alert! March 7-8, 2009 @ CF Old Town Alexandria! Register here!

    DB Snatches…that one goes back to when I first started CF. I just never liked it even if I’ve gotten better at them. And I usually get a pinched feeling somewhere in my back after performing a bunch of them (today it’s actually in my right shoulder).

    Anyhoo, I think tubaSteve was in the same heat as Ruth for the last workout, but from where I was you can just see how much fun she was having. Seeing her dad running with her during the first workout was great too, made me jealous!

  5. tomandami says:

    Saturday was really fun and an eye-opener in terms of the endurance/stamina component of XFit. I am just thankful to be able to participate – finished the first WOD with a “lightening” 10:28 (If I remember right). I thought I would recover more quickly from the front squats during the run but that never happened – spent the next 30 minutes coughing up my scratchy throat. The second WOD was brutal made it to the 5th round set of high pulls (started with the double unders then reverted to 75 revolutions to conserve some energy) before time ended and I went into shock (and despite the EASY button – it was not). Great crew from DC and related parts showed up – unfortunately I had to leave mid-afternoon to pay the mortgage. And a special thanks to Maiko indeed for her support and to Tom B. as well (and Alex’s girlfriend). Steve is being modest he crushed the first WOD, Russelmania was a machine, and kudos to everyone else from DC – by the way what is the XFit/extreme tattoo connection?

  6. Chris says:

    Hats off to Russ, Tuba Steve, Tom, Alex, Karen and Andrew – you guys kick serious ass.

    Maiko’s ‘Goatlist’ got me thinking, not about what I need to work on (anyone watching my DblUnders could figure that out), but why I am still so lacking in some areas – the answer, not surprisingly, is because I avoid them. It’s probably one of the tougest parts of CF that I’ve come across so far: pushing yourself to work on the exercises you don’t excel at.

    The Upside? – At least I don’t have to look far for help with my Dbl Unders…

  7. CFDC Maiko says:

    I’m very tempted to ask what everyone’s weak link is but I’m sure it will only lead them showing up more regularly in class…which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. I’ll post my Goat List in a future comments section.

    re: tattoos…I noticed that too! Got me into that “I want a tattoo” mode again. Maybe the ink will make me a better CFer?? (j/k)

    Oh, and we need a affiliate flag like The Army of CF Fairfax.

    Oh, and we need CUTE TANK TOPS FOR THE LADIES. *hint hint Mr. Brose*

  8. Anonymous says:

    exercises that get my goat:

    stupid ass shit cock double unders (not for long- i will NEVER be their bitch again)
    muscle up
    the oly liffs.

    my goal is 100 consecutive DU’s. i can do about 15 now. i bawt my own rope today. nothing like shame and humiliation to motivate!


  9. CFDC Maiko says:

    “nothing like shame and humiliation to motivate!”

    That needs to be put on a shirt or something…