October 15, 2008
October 18, 2008

Adams Morgan – Nice find tubaSteve!


Shoulder Dislocates
15 Squats
PVC Overhead Squats

Basically warming up for the strength portion of class.

Workout I: Overhead Squats

Keep those shoulders active and get ready to work your wrists! After warming up with 5 reps we did 2×5 followed by 3×3.

Workout II: In teams of two, complete as many rounds of the following circuit in 15 minutes:

5 DeadLifts
10 Push-ups
15 Side Hops (hopping over a PVC)


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  1. CFDC Maiko says:

    I think the deadlifts kinda fixed my foot. It was starting to get naggy again and now it’s back to normal.

    OHS – 5@45#, 5@65#, 5@75# (for s&gs), 3@85#, 3@95#

    If I remember correctly anyway, was tinkering wtih the camera.

    DL – 135# Suprisingly able to hanlde the weight well during the workout. Can’t believe Erin and I cranked out 13 rnds! Our goal was to get 8!!

    GOAT LIST *work in progress*

    1. Dumbbell Snatches <--HATE this one. Just makes my upper back feel like shit and not in a "oh you worked out!" way. DB Snatches will always be on top of my Goat List! 2. Barbell Thrusters <-- I can do low rep thrusters with a barbell, and I can do high-reps with DBs, but high-reps with a barbell? Not good. I have the most trouble transferring from the front squat position to a pressing position. 3. L-sits <-- my abs and wrists are weak. Time to reassemble my parallettes! 4. Double Unders <-- My problem is my jump is really not high enough...that and coordination of course...which pretty much covers everything there is to DUs doesn't it? 5. Running <--Sprinting, long distance efforts, you name it...I suck at it. Because my right knee can't take running on hard surfaces for long stretches, I don't run enough. Going to try to hit the track this weekend though! 7. Rowing <-- I know a lot of this has to do with my height. While I've pretty much accepted that rowing will never ever be my strong point, I'd like to at least get sub-2mins on a 500m row. My best time is 2:10mins if I remember correctly. 8. Rope Climbing <--Not terribly concerned with this one but it is something I suck at. 9. Ring Dips <-- 'nuff said That’s it for now!