October 18, 2008
October 22, 2008

It’s finally feeling like fall these days!


Two times thru…

20 Squats
5 Dive Bomber Push-ups
15 Supermans

Skill Work: Medicine Ball Clean Progression


Workout: “Deja Vu?”

Complete 6x for time:

25 Squats
15 Medicine Ball Cleans
10 Burpees

Tom put us through the same workout back in May only this time we had 5 more med-ball cleans. Compare your time with what you had the first time this showed up. Otherwise post loads to comments. I’m going take a wild guess and say Steve O. probably finished first the last time around too!

Skill Work: Muscle-up Progression

Tom continued to put that gymnastics cert to use by having us work on a progression for the muscle-up. After doing some ring dips and/or negatives, we worked on pulling ourselves up from a kneeling position using a false grip.

Eva T’s false grip. Courtesy of Crossfit.com

Finisher: Some more ab work in teams of two!

While sitting in the upright position of a sit-up, catch & toss the med ball your partner throws at you. Two sets of 10 tosses from the front, 10 from the left, 10 from the right, and then 10 from the front again.

Great work as usual! See you all in



  1. CFDC Maiko says:

    Used the 8# med ball for the workout and finished in 18:20. Last time I used 12# and then 20# for the last round and finished in 16:39 minutes.

    My hips are creaky…

  2. Monica says:

    17:20 with 12# ball; this one made my quads shaky! I love the ring work, its tough but totally worth it…new goal to do a muscle-up!! It will be a while…

  3. tomandami says:

    Great class – enjoyed the new ab work with the medicine balls and finally fot ispired about the rings and possibility of actually being able to do a muscle-up one day.

    It is remarkable how a couple of pointers and suggestions can make the difference and open you up to the potential. Coaching here si key.

    Muscle ups were definitely on my goat list along with L-sits, rope climbs, dips, snatch, and HSPUs. My goal is to significantly improve – if not eleiminate – one within the next month.

  4. CFDC Maiko says:

    I’m curious to know what the next step in the muscle-up progression is, or are there any more steps? Do we just have at it or practice kipping up into a muscle-up?

    And I thought my quads would be sore from yesterday but it’s my back that’s giving me serious grief! Damn Fran!

  5. steve says:

    Used 40# ball for this workout and a time of 13:46. Still need to get faster!!!!!!!!