October 29, 2008
November 3, 2008

While we didn’t dress up in costumes last night, we did have a tough set of workouts! But if anyone does do a workout in a costume today, don’t be shy! Show us some pics!

Warm-up: 3 times through

20 squats
15 push-ups
15 hyper extensions

Workout: With a partner, complete

21-15-9 reps of

Overhead Squats

And of course there’s a catch. Every time either you or your partner breaks a set (put down the weight to rest), you have to add 5 burpees to your set.

Finisher: Complete for time:

50 squats
50 push-ups
50 sit-ups
50 Squats


Skill Work: Muscle-up Progression

Tom demos the starting position of this particular drill. Pull yourself up from this position and then push off with your toes. Or was it toe nails?

As always great work from everyone last night! As for tonight, please stay safe so you can bring your ass to class Sunday!

Beware of ghosts, ghouls, and drunk folk.


  1. CFDC Maiko says:

    Note – Reggie’s time for the Finisher is 10:10. Couldn’t find the marker to write it up there!

    Alright, I used 135# for the DLs and 65# for the OHS. I had ZERO depth in my squats as my ass (hammies, whatevs) were still pretty sore. But my hips are doing super well, so I’m wondering if my problems with the hips are related to trying to get really low on the squats. Anyway, my body felt like shit overall, so I’ll be resting up muchos unless I can get a nice little jog in (highly doubt it).

  2. CFDC Maiko says:

    I haven’t been checking out the CF forums so I don’t know if this has been posted there, but I thought I’d share:

    “Fitness buffs fight back after being muscled out of Santa Monica neighborhood”

  3. Anonymous says:

    oh— wut i sed about not being too sore from tuesdays squats? that wuznt reely troo, it juss took a coupla days to hit me! come thurs i really had trouble walking and forget about sitting on the toilet! im not even sure if i can workout yet–nothing like a wod that makes you take THREE DAYS OFF!

    thank you and may i have another?


  4. CFDC Maiko says:

    heh, at least you were smart about taking three days off! Me on the other hand..=