November 3, 2008
November 7, 2008

We coverd a lot in class. Look for the master score(white)board at the end.


20 Squats
10 push-ups
20 Scorpions

10 Shoulder Dislocates


Complete 4 rounds of the following for time:

5 Burpees

Workout I: Front Squats

Unlike the previous strength workouts, went back to the low rep/heavy weight scheme. After two warm-up sets, complete 5×5 working up to your 5RM (rep max).

Workout II/Finisher: Complete as many rounds as possible of the following in 10 minutes:

20 Double Unders OR 100 Regular jump rope
20 push-ups




  1. CFDC Maiko says:

    Holy hell I cannot focus today (in a good way I swear)!

    OHS + Burpees warm-up: I think I finished in 4:40 minute or so.

    Front Squats: Ami, Sara and I used 45#, 55# for the warm-up and then hit 65#, 75#??, 95#, 100#, & 105#. I can’t remember the early loads we used but I do know our form rocked! Way to go with working on that depth Sara!! ^o^

    DUs + Push-ups: 5 rounds completed. Fuckin’ sucked. Steph breezed through the DUs but the rope kinda sucked! The DUs killed my back and shoulders which made the push-ups suprisingly difficult. I’m sure if Steph did it solo she would have gotten 8+ rounds!!

    Feeling good, not sore at all. Good times.

  2. Tom Brose says:

    Front Squats are vital, and need a lot of practice. We made some good improvements in hand and elbow positioning as we went. remember:
    Torso must stay upright
    Lift the elbows
    drive the hips forward

    Work on wrist and trap/ shoulder flexibility, we will be doing a lot more of these.

  3. CFDC Maiko says:

    Speaking of sore wrists, when are we going to start working on Olympic Lifts (with barbells) again?

  4. Chris says:

    Starter: 4:16 to 4:20, somewhere in there (quads were burning from recent overuse)

    Front Squats – can’t really recall the progression, just know that I made 3 reps at 244 and had to bail at the bottom of the 4th owing to a lack of power.

    Finisher – Made a personal best 14 DU’s in a row. Most of my DU’s were in series of 5 or so. They’re getting better, but still have a long way to go.

    Also – Brose, thanks for the insight into the Thrusters. Will definitely concentrate on that from now on.