November 7, 2008
November 12, 2008

Warm-up: Another case of “our warm-up is your workout.”

2x through on the court:

10 Push-ups
Lunge Walk
10 Squats
Broad Jump Burpees

Workout: Another case of “this is going to f#ckin hurt.”

Complete for time:

15 Deadlifts
12 Hang Power Cleans
9 Front Squats
6 Push Presses

800m Block Run

15 Deadlifts
12 Hang Power Cleans
9 Front Squats
6 Push Presses




  1. Anonymous says:

    grrr- so sorry i mist this one! ill do it tomorrow fer shizzle-


  2. CFDC Maiko says:

    Dude, I completely forgot to comment after posting!

    Tubs, are we still invited to your bbq this Tuesday?? 😀

    re: workout – My Power Cleans are gaaaaawd awful. My form in general sucks with cleans, but I was doing something that really wasn’t a power clean yesterday. Maybe more like a half-assed Power Curl/Clean hybrid. My form was entirely too sloppy – the bar didn’t stay close to the body, elbows weren’t high, etc. And this was way before fatigue kicked in. AND…I’m just more comfortable doing squat cleans. So Power Cleans goes on my Goat List.

    The only other thing I kinda struggled with was the Push Presses. I think that’s the most weight I’ve ever used for that exercise. I was feeling good with the Front Squats. The DLs were fine but I think I rushed through them so my form wasn’t nearly as good as it should have been.

    THE END!!

  3. Tom Brose says:

    Maiko, form was better than you think, althpugh we all have room to improve. PP @ 65 was good work.

    TUba, have fun with it!

  4. I definitely should’ve uped the weight, maybe to 55? But I’ve never done PP with more than 45# and it was my first time doing power cleans with a barbell so I wasn’t sure how that was gonna turn out. Bad form on the power cleans for me too, need to work on those.

  5. Monica says:

    So not used to DL being a recovery exercise! Although I know my cleans weren’t perfect, I can feel it in my traps more than usual, so I’m guessing there was a bit of improvement.

    This was a great workout, definitely upped the challenge. The warm-up was killer!

    Stephanie, you are getting strong, you flew through with the 45!!

  6. CFDC Maiko says:

    I know some of you probably already know this, but oh well:

    Greg Everett will be holding another Olympic Lifting Seminar in DC in January.

    $449 ($149 to reserve your spot).

  7. Sara says:

    This was a tough one. I was nauseous for about 1 hour after I finished. I had 65# on the bar I was using and am wishing I only had 55#. The only breather on this one for me were the DLs. I am sore all over.

    My form on power cleans felt pretty bad with a good one thrown in every once in a while. My front squats were not deep and tom called me out on it multiple times. This was just a really tough workout for me. I think I had one of those love/hate views of this workout.

  8. Chris says:

    Brutal. Used 135 for the workout. Per the consensus, the power cleans were a definite weakness, though I felt like they were getting better towards the end – many thanks to Tom, Fred, and Mike for the pointers and encouragement. The front squats were the surprise killer for me, maybe because I thought they were going to be a slight break between the power cleans and push press. Cheers to Brose for a kick-ass workout – from warm-up to workout, my traps and butchered thumb thank you.

  9. Anonymous says:

    yes! after class tue stop by my haus for meat (and beans for Tom) and a beer!


    ps. im about to go to the gym and do this bullshitness of a workout and im very nervous.

  10. Anonymous says:

    ok so i did it w/ 134#. done in 29:45. ouch. i was out on the floor after this one. the run was a very welcome rest in the middle of this world of shit. thanks!


  11. CFDC Maiko says:

    so…how did CFDC end up on the Georgetown Lululemon site?

    And what’s the big deal with lulu anyway? Sounds like all the CF ladies love their stuff. I went to one location and the staff just had this pretentious vibe to them.

  12. CFDC Maiko says:

    what’s up with the stupid hyperlink?

    Georgetown Lulu Community

  13. mjniska says:

    maiko, they have a lot of yoga folks at lulu…they’re just jealous 😉

  14. CFDC Maiko says:

    lol, or maybe as a non-yoga person I just confused them??

    Now, do the folks who take Winnie’s yoga rock some lululemon gear?

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