November 12, 2008
November 16, 2008

After doing a rough workout Sunday and then FGB Tuesday, you would have thought Thursday would be a bit lighter, right? Well, that’s not how CFDC works!

Warm-up: On the Court~!

3x through

15 Wall Squats*
10 Push-ups
Samson Stretch

*Face a wall. With your hands up and your feet as close as possible, perform a squat. Focus on pulling your hips away and maintain that upright position.

Skill Work: The Handstand

There was a request to work on handstands. After going over the two main ways of getting up against the wall (kicking up or walking your feet up), we had a little Handstand showdown to see who hold that position the longest.

Workout: Complete for time:


20 DB Thrusters
Lunge mid-court and back
15 DB Cleans
10 DB Snatches per side
Crab walk
15 DB Push Presses
Overhead Lunge (hold one DB in one arm one way, then hold it in the other hand when returning).

10 DB Man-Makers*

*This was completed as soon as you finished your two rounds. Man-makers = drop into a push-up position, push-up + row one weight, push-up + row the other weight, clean the weight/stand up, press one weight and then press the other weight.


Isn’t it amazing that this was only ~30 minutes of work? Great work from everyone as usual!



  1. CFDC Maiko says:

    I finished in 24:59 mins. Used two 25# DBs for everything except the finisher/man-makers. Luckily Brenna had just finished and I used her weights instead (two 20# dbs).

    A little concerned that I’ve stalled strength-wise since 25# were rough and I’ve been using 25# pretty regularly for at least half a year. Then after using the 20#s I started thinking that I should change things up a little and go relatively lighter from time to time so I can get more of a metcon workout.

    Anyway, fun workout. Pretty brutal…Glad to say that my snatches were unbroken, ’cause everything else went to shit pretty fast, LOL.

  2. Sara says:

    Ok so I should have learned my lesson several times already to go a little lighter when Tom suggests 30% of your body weight. I used 2 25# DBs. I went around searching for 20s when I saw the workout but they were all taken.

    I seem to have a significant difference in strength on my right and left sides. I know it is not unsusal for one side to be stronger than the other but I have to work on that because I would like them to be a bit closer.

    I think the board said I finished in 27:17 mins.

    As brutal as these workouts have been I am enjoying them. They are certainly helping to uncover what I need to improve upon.

    I am sorry to everyone who doesn’t like handstand work. I was the one who requested it.

  3. CFDC Maiko says:

    handstands were fun! using 25#s for that workout? Not so much. LOL