November 14, 2008
November 19, 2008

Warm-up: 3x with a PVC pipe

10 Shoulder Dislocates
10 Back Squats
10 Sotts Presses
10 Push-ups
10 OHS
10 Alt. Overhead Lunges
10 Supermans/hyperextensions

Skill Work: The Power Snatch

We worked through some progressions for the Snatch starting in the hang position (bar at thigh level). From there we did the following drill:

Warm-up with a bar and perform 5 Overhead Squats

Then do 3 sets of 1 Snatch + 3 Overhead Squats.

From there it was time for the last part of class.

Workout: In teams of 4, one person per station, complete 5 rounds for time of:

6 pull-ups
9 Thursters (65#m/45#w)
12 Burpees
15 Sit-ups


Strong work as always and don’t get blown away by the wind.



  1. CFDC Maiko says:

    Pre-class: Tom had me doing CURLS AND BENCH PRESSES!!! *o*

    I kid. I wanted to try doing some BPs since I never done them before. Very interesting feel to that exercise.

    Snatches: Worked up to using 75#s for the workout. Fun times…think my form was a little sloppy at 75# but at least it’s an easily fixable sloppy. I am pretty happy that I got decent depth in my OHS though!

    Workout: Third round of pull-ups involved me holding on to my dear life with my super schweaty hands. Otherwise things went as well as they could. Did get that asthmatic breathing thing going on again, that’s annoying.

  2. CFDC Maiko says:

    soo…I know a few other affiliates do nutrition/diet challenges and that got me thinking…anyone interested in a Zone or Paleo Diet Challenge?

    Also, forgot to mention my craptastic thrusters during yesterday’s workout! My elbows weren’t high enough for one and I ran out of gas fast…and the breathing really was a problem here. A little annoyed, especially since it was relatively light weight and low reps!

  3. Chris W says:

    Great day. Tough WOD for me personally, great team though. I’ve got to build up my burpee endurance, they smash me down pretty fast within a couple of rounds.
    Thanks for the tip on the kip Tom: I think I’ve been unconciously afraid to drop from the top position, and am lowering a little.

    65# was tops for me on the snatch for yesterday. No form above that weight, jst muscling the bar up in an ugly way.

    I’d do a food challenge.

  4. CFDC Maiko says:

    Only one person interested in a food challenge?? What’s up with that CFDC?? >=

  5. Monica says:

    This was a rough one for me…snatches are definitely on the to-do list. Just worked to 55# and they were not that beautiful 🙂

    Part 2 was surprising too; I was excited about 45 lb. Thrusters until round 2…not so excited after all those snatches!

    With response to the food, I would definitely be up for it and I will even help with the meal preparation/cooking and recipes, etc. (I love to cook and I’m pretty good!!)

  6. CFDC Maiko says:

    Ooh! Make that two people! ^o^

  7. Chris says:

    enjoyed the 4 person workout at the end!

    sure on food

  8. tomandami says:

    I would be up for the paleo/zone idea – I have been trying to follow a zone now for a couple of months – not easy as rice is a staple of Ami’s diet. Enjoyed the mix of strength, technique and metcon work Sunday. Nice to see such a large class.