December 5, 2008
December 8, 2008

Tom demonstrating what Crossfitters do during their vacations. Now is this Fran or just some jerk workout??

Nice lifting Tom! Anyone else has vacation pictures like these to share?


With a lot of the warm-up dedicated to getting those wrists warm and ready, you knew the first part of class had to involve front squats somehow!

Workout I: Front Squats 5×5

Straight forward – work up to your 5RM. After spending some quality time with the front squats, the next step was to incorporate them into the main workout of the day in the form of THRUSTERS.

Workout II: In groups of 3, complete the following 6x for time:

5 Thrusters
10 Box Jumps
20 Double Unders OR 100 regular skips

Chris W. working through some Thrusters sans socks. Look at those calf muscles! *I would have never noticed it if wasn’t for Sara, just saying.*

Ami pushing through some heavy thrusters (85#!!) while Dre tackles the box.

Tubs and 135#! Nice work! Tom A. in the back actually has his shirt on at this point, so you know this is an early pic.

Ewunike looking strong through the Thrusters. Monica is mid-jump rope here.


Skill Work: Kipping Pull-ups

Don’t think that class was just some FS and the main metcon. After the workout class tackled the kipping pull-up. There was a lot of good progress with a lot of folks in this area. Try to get some practice in while you’re fresh too(outside of class or pre-class). And while I know I posted this video before, Eva T’s video on the kipping pull-up is what personally helped me nail it down.

After the kipping session, Tom delivered and made sure everyone was thoroughly cooled down with some stretching. As always, great work from everyone! The heavy thrusters looked brutal! Be sure to rest up for Tuesday’s class!

CFDC Ladies strutting like the workout was nothing!


  1. CFDC Maiko says:

    Uhm…so my workout was wandering around with the camera trying not to get whipped by any jump ropes. I did knock off some deadhang pull-ups though, still stuck at 5 reps!! Once my back is better I’d like to start working on the Butterfly Kip. WHO’S WITH ME?!?!!?

    Seriously, nice work everyone!

  2. Tom Brose says:

    I’d think we get some more comments what with Maikos clever commentary and all.

    Looking through the photos has been a good way for me to do some post workout form analysis. I’m planning on using some pics to illustrate common technique flaws, then some corrections. Anyone up for it? Or specifically don’t want to be shown? (Its a great way to learn, and we all are far from perfect)

  3. Worked up to 110lbs for the front squats. The girls I worked with worked up to 120 but I think they definitely could’ve gone heavier if we hadn’t run out of time.

    Worked with Katie and JJ (sp?) for the 2nd workout. Tried to do the thrusters with 65lbs but couldn’t so went with 55lbs. I hurt my wrists when I was trying to do the 65#, should’ve just dropped the bar when I realized that I wasn’t going to be able to push it overhead but didn’t cuz I’m not used to dropping. Will definitely drop it next time this happens.

  4. TomandAmi says:

    This was a really great class becaue we had plenty of time to work on a strength move with focus on form, then a work out integrating the move with some met-con element, and then we had a skill work – and of course good group and stretching before and after. All with different levels. So thanks Tom.

    P.S. I am writing this without my shirt on.

  5. SaltyHat says:

    Great workout. Thrusters at 135 were tough – definitely could tell I had some trouble pushing up on to my toes during the squat-portion with that kinda weight.

    Speaking of which – Brose, feel free to use any picture of me hacking up an exercise. Any pointers as to where I am deficient and could improve is always welcome. Besides, this way we can better document the progressive saltiness of the Salty Hat.

  6. CFDC Maiko says:

    Tom (the Brose one) – surprised you haven’t done that before, specifically before Jen and I took over your blog! Anyway, feel free to post me with ugly but correctable form. Video may be more helpful for some things…I meant to record people trying to kip so they can see what they’re doing right & wrong, but I forgot. =(

    Speaking of commentary, I’m patiently waiting to write a “I am so pissed at the world, I don’t give two sh#ts about what I say!!!” post. Those are always fun to write on my old personal bloggie, but I’m not in that mood nearly as much as when I was at my old jobbie.

    Ami’s Tom – your comment made me chortle and choke on my hot cocoa! Are both you and Ami going to the L1 cert or is it just you?

    lastly…Progressive Saltiness of Salty Hat…I’m not sure how I’d feel about that if I was Steph! Hope your wrist is feeling better Steph!

  7. Chris W says:

    I would be equally at home with photos of me being used to point out form flaws and issues as I am with them being used to objectify my calves: fine with me.

    Great workout.
    Tom, that second rock is ridiculous!If I am ever trapped under a giant rock, I’m calling you.

  8. reggie says:

    Even though I competed the day before in Olympic weightlifting, I got up to 204# on the front squat (and it actually felt good to perform them *without* shoes), and I was able to get a bit deeper on my squat (thanks to SaltyHat for checking my form).

    Props to Chris R. for working with me on the 115# thrusters and for pushing through (no pun intended) on them. Good work!

    Coach (Tom B.), feel free to use any picture of me you deem necessary to make a point. Just make sure that I get the proper credit. 🙂

    “Edgy Reggie” is out…

  9. Monica says:

    Fabulous job on the blog, as always Maiko. You have permission to use pics of me too. I love seeing pictures from every workout, to see form and (which I always want and need to improve on) and to see what everyone else was doing in the workout AND to show new potential CrossFitters. My friend Jeff who has come for the last 2 weeks is addicted already 😉

    The front squat work was great, i definitely don’t do that enough…with Euwnike, Ami and Steph worked up to 120…I don’t think I had done more than 75 before, so that was pretty cool.

    The thrusters were tough after the front squats. Started with 75, but had to move to 65…next time!

    And I’m with Chris on the rock…I think I’ll put Tom on my speed dial for emergency rock removal. I got my ankle and calf stuck in a rock once after a little fall, it hurt 🙂

  10. Oh yeah Tom (Brose), feel free to use any pictures of me as well. I can already see the one of me doing dumbbell push-press up there 🙁

    And SaltyHat, don’t get too carried away with the hat, you might just find it mysteriously missing one day 😉

  11. SaltyHat says:

    NO Pie for you!!