December 10, 2008
December 14, 2008


Having the Winter Party on the 21st is a no-go! A note from tuba Steve:


you’ve all heard the rumors and now you know its true: tuba is a douche, and here’s why: i have to change the date of the xfit-xmas-potluck-eat-all-you-can-for-time at my haus. i got called to do a gig on dec 21 that i just can’t not do. can people do sat the 20th in the evening, say 8ish? what about the 22nd or (if there is class) after class on the 23rd? i apologize for any inconvenience that i may have caused! damn it, being a douche blows!


Duuuuuuude, it’s alright! So, how does the evening of the 20th (Saturday) sound for everyone? POST THOUGHTS TO COMMENTS or just e-mail Tom.

Warm-up: Squats/Push-up Ladder

10 Squats, 1 Push-up
9 Squats, 2 Push-ups
1 Squat, 10 push-ups

Before moving into the workout of the day, we briefly reviewed the Deadlift and had everyone find a weight suitable for 10 reps. One of the most important things to remember when Deadlifting is to maintain that lumbar curve in your lower back and keep everything tight throughout the movement. A lot more information about the Deadlift can be found in this article by Coach Rippetoe.


2 minutes on/2 minutes off max rounds of

5 Deadlifts
5 Burpees

Post loads to comments.




  1. CFDC Maiko says:

    I did the warm-up and sat out on the rest of class since I thought it was too early to test my back. Sucks, I luv me some deadlifts.

    Plan to make up class today by either doing Cindy, Jackie, or the 5 rounds of 7 pull-ups, 7 thrusters @75#, and 7 Burpees workout. After doing some thinking, I did thrusters right after I aggravated my back so I’m thinking that won’t make the back any worse.

    And Sat. evening (20th) works for me.

  2. Saturday (20th) evening works for me. And I’m pretty sure Chris too, unless he’s planning on see his other girlfriends…:)

  3. TomandAmi says:

    Thankfully yesterday’s class was pretty mellow – I bruised the s&%t out of the left knee due to a freak fall I took Tuesday during a late night run. But it was good to work on dead lifts – I need work there. Unfortunately, I am out all that weekend 20-21st. And I told everyone those rumours were not true despite what photos.

  4. CFDC Maiko says:

    Jeez, my comment doesn’t make sense at all.

    “make up class” – I mean do a workout on my own since I didn’t do shit yesterday.

    “I did thrusters right after I aggravated my back so I’m thinking that won’t make the back any worse.”

    I did thrusters right after I aggravated my back AND WAS FINE.

    Thank goodness it’s Friday. I need a hug or a strong drink already.

  5. reggie says:

    Maiko, here is a big ‘ol hug from me. The “fo’ty ounce” will come later. 🙂

    Due to traffic and “family issues,” I missed the workout. Damn! I loves me some deadlifts! 🙂 Seriously, deadlifting — as hard as it can be to master — is one of my favorite exercises (feel free to ask why).

    Since I will be doing Olympic lifting tomorrow (13 December), I will take an extra day off. My body probably needs it anyway, and I did manage to do Winnie’s yoga class last night (note to Monica: Great job!).

    I am available for the party on the 20th. I’ll even bring my boogie shoes (lol).

    TubaSteve: Re-arranging the party’s date now does not make you a *ahem* feminine hygiene product, but canceling on the day of the party does. 🙂 We’re not mad at you. 🙂

  6. reggie says:

    (In a Rod Blagojevich voice) As far as I could *bleeping* see, great *bleeping* work by every *bleeping* one at *bleeping* CrossFit DC last *bleeping* night! 🙂

  7. Chris W says:

    Maiko, Good job with the blog. I have taken a rest week after getting hit with some nasty bug. On Tues., I was so weak I could barely snatch my socks (one rep). Wanted to share a really useful link for the hand-bleeders, callous-rippers, tape users. It’s from Jim Bathurst’s beast skills site. Instead of the butterknife+ pumice stone, many use a nail file, I think usually a coarse one like on the back of a nail clipper. I’m sure others have their own variants. The soaking is key. You could also do this post- bath or shower.

  8. reggie says:

    @Chris W.: Hope that you are feeling better. You are the second person that I know who has recently taken ill.

    Thank goodness I got my flu shot last month!

  9. Sara says:

    Hey everyone, The 20th is good for me.

    Maiko – My knee seems to be doing better but not sure how much.

    I will probably come to class on sunday but I may just be an observer. I can take pictures and work on kipping 🙂