December 17, 2008
December 22, 2008

The CFDC Holiday Party/Pot Luck is THIS SATURDAY starting at 7:45pm! Bring food and be merry! Directions to host tuba Steve’s place are here.

Goodness that looks good. Is this for us Steve???

Warm-up: 3x thru

10 squats
10 sit-ups
5 push-ups

Workout I: Complete as many rounds as possible in 12 minutes of

4 pull-ups
6 clapping push-ups
8 jumping squats

Workout II: KB Swing ladder!

In pairs, work your way up to 15 KB swings. Person A does 1 swing, then Person B does 1 swing. Person A then does 2 swings and Person B does the same until 15 reps are completed.

Jade is swinging while Rhonda is waiting, but what in the world is Tom doing back there??

Skill Work: Muscle-Up Progression

You know, the one where you start off kneeling and then press up from your toenails? Before ending class we each knocked off a few of those. For some people this was their first time working on the progression and I don’t think it was clearly stated what exactly this was a progression to last night. So, have a look at this video from the main Crossfit website to see what exactly a muscle-up is and what it involves.

And that’s it! We better see you Saturday at the Potluck!



  1. CFDC Maiko says:

    forgot to add – the muscle-up video has some interesting music. may scare off folks but otherwise it’s safe for work.

    So…I did the first workout fine but had to switch from kipping pull-ups to jumping because my back was starting to get tight on me. Sucks…I wonder when it’ll get better, then again I usually have SOME kind of injury this time of year so no biggie. Needless to say I didn’t participate in the KB Swing ladder since it was the DB swing that screwed my back up in the first place!

    Looking forward to Saturday! Can’t wait to have some more of those beans! ^o^

  2. Sara says:

    Sorry I missed the class. It looked like a good one. I had a friend’s birthday dinner to go to and it was probably good for my knee too. Today was the first day I have woken up without any kind of stiffness or pain (lets hope it stays that way).

    Looking forward to Saturday and will be back in class on sunday.

  3. CFDC Maiko says:

    Glad it sounds like the knee is getting better. Don’t push it on Sunday! I won’t be in class to say it in person so I’m saying it now!!

    and I’ll give you little reminders Saturday too ;P

    I’m hungry! Want potluck noooooooow~!

  4. edgy reggie says:

    @Sara: I have to echo Maiko’s comment about *not* pushing your knee.

    Frustrating? Yes (been there, done that). But in the long run, you are better off for taking it easy now. 🙂

    Time to make the macaroni-and-cheese.

    CrossFit DC’s own ODB is out…

  5. Tom Brose says:

    Actually, in the background I am demonstrating how NOT to swing, following the bell down with the spine rounded.

  6. Anonymous says:

    More pics of Tuba, please.

  7. Anonymous says:

    believe it or not it wasnt me who left that pic requesting more pics of me! he heh! (time to make some beans…)


  8. Tom Brose says:

    Tuba, if that was you blowing your own horn (that was too easy) it would be more like:

    “mowr phicz ov Two_bah puhlezzz)

  9. edgy reggie says:

    roflmao…good one Tom!

    Hmmm…I guess TubaSteve has a “secret” admirer out there. 🙂