December 22, 2008
December 25, 2008

Have you guys taken a look at the CF Affiliate blog entry for today? You really should!!

Tuesday was a max effort day, and by max effort I mean the “max amount of reps possible in a single set”-type of effort. With only a few more classes before the new year scores from this class should prove helpful in creating some new year resolutions. All scores will be posted towards the end of the entry!

Warm-up: 3x thru

15 squats
5 Dive-bomber push-ups

2 sets of 10 Hollow Rocks

Then some hyperextensions thrown in as well.

Max Effort #1: Kipping Pull-ups

Loosen up your arms and go for your max on the kipping pull-ups. For the new folks in class ring rows was done instead. I can’t move on to the next section without mentioning Sara’s big jump from 1 to 10 consecutive reps within a month’s time! Awesome job Sara!!

Max Effort #2: Bodyweight Back Squats

Do some warm-up sets with lighter weight first, then load the bar so the weight equals your bodyweight and knock as many reps as possible in one set.

Hope you guys aren’t sensitive ’cause I want your loads posted to comments!!

Max Effort #3: Max Amount of Rounds in 7 minutes

If you follow the comments in the blog entries you might have seen the discussion on burpee standards. Tom responding to the comments was a clear sign that burpees would make an appearance in Tuesday’s class, but this was clearly not what we had in mind.

Complete as many rounds as possible in 7 mins of…

10 Sit-ups

What on earth are Baboon Burpees??

1. From a standing position, squat down and kick back into a push-up position.

2. Perform a push-up and kick back into a squat.

3. Get back into a push-up position, perform push-up, kick back into a squat (both hands touching the floor), and perform a squat jump.

3. Land in Squat position, kick back and do a push-up, and perform TWO squat jumps, making sure your hands touch the floor AND go fully overhead each time.

So…first you do a burpee without the jump, then you go right back into the push-up and do a burpee with a jump, then you go right back into the push-up and do a burpee with TWO jumps. Hands must touch the floor at the bottom and reach overhead at the top! Confusing ain’t it? Now what’s worse: Baboon burpees or the Leg Matrix???


Again, post loads to comments for the Back Squats portion.


1. There will be NO CLASS THIS THURSDAY as the gym will be closed for the holiday. Be ready to get right into the swing of things Sunday!

2. There will be a class on New Year’s Day! It’s is tentatively scheduled for 11am Thursday morning. Come celebrate the new year CFDC style!

3. I know there’s something else but I’m drawing a blank…



  1. CFDC Maiko says:

    ugh, I know I’m forgetting something…I’ll post another entry tomorrow morning so if anyone has any announcements, pics, or even some holiday reading they’d like to share feel free to send them to either Tom or myself!

    Workout 1: Kipping Pull-ups. I got a PR with 22 reps! Stopped as soon as I felt something in the back, but my back is doing well so I’m happy.

    Workout 2: Back Squats. I weighed ~124# Sunday so I went with 125# for the Back Squats. Got 22 reps but I think my all time max was 25 reps.

    Workout 3: Baboon Burpees!!! I completed 3 full rounds but spent half the time trying to remember what I had to do for the baboon burpee! At first I watched Steve O. but he was going to fast, then I actually grabbed my glasses and reread the whiteboard, finally I ended up watching SaltyHat which confused me even more, LOL But it was fun and definitely would have been a contender against the Leg Matrix had I not spent so much time figuring out what to do next!

    Fun times!

  2. Sara says:

    Ok let’s see! I got 10 kipping-pullups. I tried a second round cause I wanted more but lost my grip so didn’t get more than 10.

    I tested the waters with light squats 95# and then stopped cause I didn’t want to cause real damage to the knee but the 95# felt good.

    Skipped out on the baboon burpees and did a modified burpee for the last workout. The baboon burpees looked like a blast.

    Have a happy holiday to all.

  3. edgy reggie says:

    Workout 1: I managed to do two, count ’em, two half-assed kipping pull-ups. It was nothing to write home about, but I will keep trying them. 🙂

    Workout 2: The best part of the workout for me. There is a slight correction as I only did twenty (20) back squats at 215# (my current body weight). I may have been able to eek out a few more, but I’m still being a bit cautious with my right knee (it’s been six months since my surgery and no drama…knock on wood). I’m obtaining more depth each time I perform squats (“ass-to-ankles,” here I come!).

    CrossFit and yoga (thanks Winnie) seem to be a great physical therapy combination for me. 🙂 I’ll stick with it for the near future.

    Workout 3: Aren’t baboons short (i.e., close to the ground) for a reason? (lol) I was close to finishing three rounds, but like Maiko, I spent a lot of time just getting into to the rhythm of the exercise. I’m sure that this will be revisited in 2009…so we may as well get used to doing it. 🙂

    [Psst, Maiko…the notice that you forgot…wasn’t it a PSA on personal safety when leaving Balance Gym at night?]

    Happy Holidays to all! See you on Sunday (and yes, that means you too Rhonda)! 🙂

    CrossFit DC’s own ODB is…enjoying the last of the macaroni-and-cheese he made for Saturday night’s party.

  4. edgy reggie says:

    Oh, and I’ll take Steve O.’s leg matrix workout any day over baboon burpees. 🙂

  5. TomandAmi says:

    Happy Holidays all from LA. Take care during the break and we will see you in 2009.

  6. Sara says:

    I remember Steve O’s Leg Matrix. That sucked and it was just the warm-up.

  7. Kipping pull-ups: According to Mary, Chris and Tom, I am getting very close to doing 1, so maybe if I practice some more I can get 1 proper one in before 09 starts! 🙂

    Back squats: Did 3 reps at 115, 5 pounds less than body weight.

    Baboon burpees: 3 full sets. Was really close to completing 4, should’ve spent less time resting.

    As for baboon burpees vs. Steve O’s leg matrix, I’d take the baboon burpees any day over the matrix if we’re only doing 7 minutes of them. At least I can still move my legs today!!!

  8. SaltyHat says:

    A nice mix of exercises – strength, strength and endurance, and endurance (along with some mental exercise, right Maiko?)

    31 kipping pull-ups – I would like to say that it would’ve been more had I not started giggling like a little schoolchild at 30 (thanks to Henry and Steve O). 35 backsquats at 200lbs. 5 rounds of BB’s – was just about half way done with #6 when time ran out. I struggled with Baboon Burpees mentally – after the first three complete reps, I just could not remember to string the exercise together in the prescribed manner, much to Maiko’s chagrine. In my own defense, I completed each step of each rep…just, not always in the manner prescribed. I liked them though – they represented a great answer to the recent blog discussion regarding burpees. As for BB’s vs. the leg matrix, I would have to say it all depends on the workout – for time? for rounds? how long? how many? personally, the Leg Matrix left me in shambles, so I am leaning towards the BBs.

    Merry Christmas Eve everyone!!!

  9. Tom Brose says:

    You know that ao going to try a “baboon matrix” soon right?

  10. Chris W says:

    Missed classes (and Solstice party, dammit) due to a cold, but did this one at the globo today.

    Got 7 unbroken kips, stayed on the bar for another set of 5 before dropping…but the remedial kip work of late is helping a lot…
    I’d like to really bring this number up significantly this year, like say, in the 20s by my one yr mark in May? Not sure if that’s under ambitious or over, but I’ll figure that out.

    15 backsquats at 175, barely over bodyweight. Need to get more depth/ROM (that limitetd hamstring flexibility again?)

    And 2.5 baboon rounds_if I counted right. I started laughing because I had so much trouble (as Salty H describes above), getting the baboon elements in the right order. And in turn, counting

    Baboon burpees should be paired with ball slams for an Angry Primate wod.

    Happy holidays, see you sunday, if I can stay well.

  11. CFDC Maiko says:


    And no Baboon burpees + ball slams~! The sound of that combo is making my quads explode!