January 2, 2009
January 7, 2009

The second class of 2009 was quite rough.

Warm-up: Complete 3 Rounds of

10 Squats
10 Push-ups
10 Lunges (5 per leg)
10 Sit-ups
10 Scorpions
10 Hyper-Extensions
10 Rolling Straddle Split Stretch

Workout: A Whole Lot of Power Cleans & A Whole Lot of Jerks.

You know you’re in trouble when Tom comes up with a simplistic workout on the fly.

Game Plan: In pairs, one partner does as many Barbell Cleans & Jerks as possible in 1 minute then rests as the other partner does their minute of work. We did this for a total of 10 rounds.


Finisher: Ab Work!

40 seconds per station, 20 seconds rest between stations, 2 rounds total:

Plank Hold
Russian Twist using a medicine ball
Windshield Wipers

Great work as always CFDC! Since scores and loads are already on the Whiteboard, anyone want to share their Zone Experience thus far? Too soon?



  1. John Frazer says:

    Don’t know if it’s the dietary adjustment but I felt really strong on the WOD today.

    Let’s have a big hand for Jason, though. He was getting about 8 reps per round like me … until round 7 or 8, when he was possessed by the CF demons and cranked out 11!

    I liked this WOD a lot — it was a really nice combination of skill development, strength, metcon and teamwork.

  2. CFDC Maiko says:

    Got a lot of stares this morning…directly at my chest. lol It still stings!!!

    Fun workout but I doubt I had good form on any of my cleans (the chest is evidence of that). BB Cleans aren’t a movement I’m particularly good at but I hope to be able to work on that this weekend at the Oly seminar.

    I woke up later than anticipated which kinda sucked for cooking. My lunch was fine (3bks) but I settled for ~2cups of milk for b-fast! I got my bodyfat measured and apparently I’m suppose to be at 11blks(?) which originally sounded pretty low but after this morning 11 blocks doesn’t sound bad at all. Less pain in the arse! So I’m going to try 11 blocks and see how that feels. Overall my #1 concern is how this will affect my wallet =(

  3. SaltyHat says:

    I really liked the workout – the best part was realizing that even though the workout and rest were each a minute long, the workout felt twice as long as the rest (or the rest felt half as long as the workout – either way). 102 reps and only hit myself in the head once (not counting the one time I brushed my chin on the way up).

    My Zone: 21 blocks in a 5-4-5-4-3 breakdown.
    How it feels thus far – frustrating. Maddeningly frustrating. I am no math wizard (witness my inability to simply count the weight I was using yesterday if you need an example). Trying to figure out what I can eat and in what quantities has become a logistical headache. And yes, there are sheets and menus and an online calculator, but we have food in the pantry and in the fridge which I refuse to let go to waste, seeing as another concern for me (like Maiko) is how this is going to affect the bank account. That being said, I think I have reached a good menu in terms of breakfasts, mid-morning snack, mid-afternoon snack, and dinner. Lunches will change from day to day. Today is my first full day, and I have to say, I feel like I am eating more than I was before, albeit, spread out a little better than before. I will probably go with this for the week, and assess next Sunday.

    One note: is it me, or does there seem to be very little concern about the sodium content of the foods? After doing some research (books, CF articles, online), most of the emphasis is, of course, on the P-C-F ratio. But one of the things Steph and I have been trying to concentrate on is the sodium content of the foods we’re eating, and I didn’t find much commentary about that in any of the research we did? Is it just me? Is shooting for low sodium a given or taken-for-granted?

  4. CFDC Maiko says:

    Can’t help on the sodium thing really, but since CF (and other fitness folk) are about staying away from processed stuff I’m thinking sodium isn’t a problem when your food is not processed. At least that was my first thought. Waiting for Tom B. to weigh in!

    Definitely hear ya on wasting food! I had left-over Lebanese food that I can’t figure out how to incorporate into Zone (completely forgot about it until yesterday), then some left over food from New Years. I DID figured out how to work in my beloved Bulldog Fruit Sauce though!! <3

    Speaking of which, I’VE FAILED! Completely forgot to pack something decent for my mid-morning snack! I usually just have oatmeal. I’m trying to think of a decent protein and fat that I actually eat (don’t like cheese, don’t like nuts). Suckiness…

  5. SaltyHat says:

    Cheers to not wasting food – and double cheers for figuring out that Bulldog sauce works! That’s awesome!! I think we have both a vegetable sauce and a tonkatsu sauce still in the fridge. Another great meal filler from my Nippon days: yam noodles. I am not sure how, but no protein, no carbs, no fat? Hard to beat.

    And I hear you on the oatmeal, though I found a way to work it in as my morning snack – for a 4 block snack: 1/2 C oatmeal (Quaker old fashioned), 9 grams (1/4 scoop) of unflavored protein powder (GNC 100% whey), 1 cup non-fat milk, and 1 T of either creme fraiche or marscapone.

    Course, not liking cheese might hurt on the last two, but I never really think of either creme fraiche or marscapone as a true cheese.

  6. Sara says:

    I went shopping yesterday and realized I spend quite a bit of $$$. But I figure if I add together what I normally spend at the grocery store and how much I spend each week on lunches out then it adds up to the same thing. and since I bought some cabinet food I didn’t have or ran out of that added up (oatmeal and bulk nuts)

    I am working with 12 blocks pretty much started yesterday officially. I bought a journal to keep track also. This has already helped because now I have breakdowns for making a vegtable rich salad for 1 block, 2 blocks and 3 blocks.

    Maiko – I love nuts but like you I don’t like milk. The only time I see any use for it is in oatmeal a tiny bit in scrabbled eggs or a smoothie. I did the same thing as Chris and put 7g of protien powder in my oatmeal.

    I already screwed up my meals because I mistakenly ate the fat for my afternoon snack with my lunch.

    Planning meals is very hard work and frustrating. Even though I love numbers and math I am finding this difficult.

    As far at the workout went, I like yesterday’s workout. I am sore today in my traps and back. I had a bit of a difficult time with form because the weight was a little light but Ellen made sure to point out to me when I slipped (thanks Ellen I appreciate it).

  7. chris w says:

    woo…that wod left me sore and ready for a planned 2 days off. I agree, a really good one! Rob and I did 99 lbs and I did 63 reps. Maybe was at the outer edge of the weight I should be doing, b/c again my form left much to be desired.

    yes, finding there is lots of planning involved in the zone, especially being back at the desk job. Am trying to stow some foods that keep relatively well for backup, like apples for a couple of carb blocks, nuts, maybe canned tuna. keep them next to my bottled water, emergency generator and inflatable raft.

  8. edgy reggie says:

    After Thursday’s disaster-of-a-workout, I wanted to concentrate more on my form with the cleans. I really was not concerned about obtaining big numbers; nevertheless, I was happy with my progress in/performance with this workout.

    (I’d like to mention the great effort by my partner, Tom A.!)

    I never realized how much I was using (pre-exhausting) my core for the clean-and-presses…until we were doing the ab portion of the workout. This pre-exhaustion made the ab portion of the WOD even more challenging. I have to echo John’s comments about this workout…me likey! 🙂

    On to the Zone: So far, so good; though, I’m still adjusting. I’m trying to come up with different recipes so that I won’t get bored with the foods I eat.

    I do like my five-block breakfast: 1 cup of Quaker Old-Fashioned oatmeal (Note to all oatmeal eaters: I would recommend not using instant oatmeal of any kind; there’s too much sodium in the product), 1 cup of Lactaid lowfat milk, 2 teaspoons of blue agave nectar (tastes like honey but has a low glycemic index) for sweetness, 1 tablespoon of Designer Whey protein powder (of which I forgot to add this a.m., but I did add 1 teaspoon of Smart Balance margarine), 2 teaspoons of pecans, and cinnamon for taste. Additionally, this breakfast calls for 1 cup of cottage cheese.

    Like Maiko, SaltyHat (like the new pic), Stephanie, and others, I probably have some food from *ahem* last year that I don’t want to waste. I’ll see if I can incorporate them into my eating plan. If not, then Mystic and Reynolds will have additional treats waiting for them in their dinner bowls (provided that it is safe for them to have it). 🙂

    CrossFit DC’s own ODB…needs to do some grocery shopping.

  9. CFDC Maiko says:

    ok, I didn’t even notice SaltyHat’s new profile pic. LOL

    But man, I use to HATE yam noodles!!! Actually I use to not like a lot of things (milk, butter, fried eggs, butter popcorn, shrimp, any type of cheese, steak, etc etc)…How is it that yam noodles have NOTHING in it?? Weird!

    Just finished reading Greg Amundson’s article re: Zoning, Diet Secrets of the Tupperware Man. Gave me a few ideas on how to tackle some issues I had. Now I just need to buy some stuff! Especially whey protein… I completely forgot to grab some this weekend. Any recommendations on brands?

  10. edgy reggie says:

    Maiko, my protein powder of choice is Designer Whey (mentioned above in my earlier comment). I’ve used it on-and-off since the mid-’90s (before that I was using TwinLab’s VegeFuel…is that still around?), and I’ve never had any (gastric-related) problems with it. I get the big ol’ tub container, but it does come in a smaller size as well.

    It’s available at GNC, Vitamin Shoppe, and — I do believe — HarrisTeeter (as well as other stores).

  11. Tom Brose says:

    Yeah, this workout is “simple” yet covers a lot of bases. I did it today, but decided to up the weight to a little more of a heavy emphasis. Did 62 reps at 154 lbs.

    As for the Zine, STICK WITH IT!!!
    The counting and planning will become second nature in a few weeks. It can be frustrating, but nothing worthwhile is easy.

    Using foods in storage is fine, just try to combine and use portion control.

    Chris S: I think an emphasis on fresh foods and even “pseudo paleo” approach will cut out a lot of excess salt. certainly something to be mindful of.

    As for yam noodles, I would be wary of the labeled contents if it is not carb high. Im guessing they could be a high GI sneak attack.

    Sara, good work helping Ellen with form. Light weight isn’t as fun, but served its purpose.

    Chris W.- DUCT TAPE! The weight was fine, it made you work at the technique.

    Reggie, I think you may need to recalculate your blocks. 1/2 cup of oatmeal =3 blocks, count the milk, sweetener etc. Also the Protein is essential. I need to go back to my notes from Robb Wolf, but I believe he refered to Agave as “seed of Satan”, and I think he meant that in a negative way. I’ll see why.

  12. SaltyHat says:

    Yam Noodles – for anyone interested, here’s the deal on Yam Noodles (I didn’t copy and past, and am just going from memory of what my research discovered over the past few days):

    Yam noodles (or shirataki noodles) come in a few different flavors, some of which incorporate tofu. The plant that they’re made from (the konjac plant I believe) consists of mostly a water-soluble fibre – thus the 0-net carbs. Moreover, they’re supposedly on the low end of the GI scale.

    On the downside, you don’t want to eat the noodles by themselves. Per Maiko’s comment, I think everyone dislikes yam noodles as first – they don’t taste like anything. On the up side, though, they will absorb the flavor of whatever you cook them with / in (to a small degree), and you can cook the $h!t out of them, and the don’t really become mushy like most traditional noodles (of course, some people consider this akin to eating a rubber band…).

    Anyhow, I will do more research on the subject, and I will also try to recover some of the websites I looked at when I researched the yam noodles the first time – look for that info later tonight, though, as I think the websites are saved on the computer at home, rather than at work.

    BTW – I’m infantile when it comes to humor, but did anyone else read the Workout title from Sunday’s blog post and think a bunch of CFDC athletes worked on their power cleans while acting like asses?!?
    (Workout: A Whole Lot of Power Cleans & A Whole Lot of Jerks.)

  13. Sara says:

    I was reading today about Agave and Stevia online today as sweeteners and learned that Stevia was fine but this is what was posted about Agave Nectar:

    “While agave itself is a low GL carb, and described by Barry Sears as a good addition to the Zone (refer to his comments about agave in the archives of drsears.com), IMO, yes, consumed in the form of nectar, it would be unfavorable. I’d consider agave nectar to be comparable to the juice of a favorable fruit or veggie, favorable in it’s original form, unfavorable in it’s processed form. Once you process the original food, breaking it down to isolate the insulin stimulating liquid, that resulting product, be it nectar or juice, is considered unfavorable carb for Zone purposes(eg. apples, vs apple juice). In Zone books, you can read more about how processing a favorable carb renders it unfavorable. Oats are another excellent example. Steel cut oats are favorable, but rolled oats and oat flour (more processed) are unfavorable.

    Fructose, which Barry describes as one of his preferred sweeteners, and which is much less stimulating to insulin than sugar, is also still considered to be an unfavorable carb.”

    Is Fat Free milk considered a protein? I assume so because it is dairy but not sure. I wanted to make my oatmeal with it but wasn’t sure how to count it?

  14. Anonymous says:

    guys im back in town and ready to get back in the zone after polluting myself over xmas time with tons of fatty meats, alcohol, cookies and shitty sleep in a foreign bed.

    here are some good 2 block snacks that are easy to carry around:
    -an apple or pear and a can of sardines or kippers
    -two cups of whole milk (its a combo food)
    -a chicken sausage and a pear or apple
    -3 oz of tempeh (also a combo)
    -2 HB eggs and a pear or an apple

    dont forget to take your fish oil! just dont OD on it- it can get pretty ugly.
    see you in class-


  15. John Frazer says:

    Thank heavens I’m just doing the Zone, not paleo. I can do OK with without the sugar and grains, but a 5 oz. of hunk of cheese makes a happy breakfast.

    Also loving crustless quiches as a great way to clean out the fridge.

  16. TomandAmi says:

    Great comments.

    Reg (ODB) and I did ten rounds at 95 lbs. Excellent, varied ab work-out. Notice that the ab mat really or any similar object at the small of your back really increases the ab work-out when done correctly so you use your abs and not your hip flexors.

    On the zone dite issues – I would say that in the couple of months I have been trying to eat a zone diet, as well as keeping in mind the paleo approach (meat and vegetables, nuts and seeds, some fruit, a little starch, and no sugar), it has been fairly easy once you can swear off the processed carbs, such as snack foods, chips, cookies, cereals, etc., and high glycemic vegetables, such as potatoes, corn, etc.

    My zone staples are nuts (whole cashews and peanut butter), soy milk, meat of all kinds, olive oil, beer, and eggs.

    I am not naturally partial to desserts, soda, or most fruit other than occassionally berries or bananas so that part again on the carb front was easier than I had thought.

    I second Tubs’ point about fish oil – I take two large capsules a day. (Unless the bottlesays Cod liver oil you are getting herring, sardine, etc. oil not sure if it makes a difference). There is a growing body of scientific evidence I see in my work with cardiovascular professionals on the benefits of fih oil – remember your great grand parents or in my case grand parents taking their castor oil – there was something to that.

    On the sodium question – the comment is right on about processed foods having the excess sodium – stay away from those and you are fine. In addition, the sodium intake issue is really not relevant unless you are one of the very small number of folks genetically pre-disposed to increased blood proessure because of sodium intake and your cardiovascular risk factors are otherwise OK.

  17. Monica says:

    I really liked this workout, it sounded overwhelming at first…10 rounds, but once you get in the groove it goes by quick. Feeling more and more comfortable with cleans and finally use my traps for them (so they tell me today!) Used 65 for 83 reps. Maiko-my sternum is sore today too, I don’t have anything to show for it though 😉

    Excited to start the zone with the New Year. Today was my first official day too. It went ok, but I figured out early that I need to eat more before lunch. Still figuring out the combinations and learning the art of measuring. I love love love to cook and be creative, and I’m one of those cooks that just knows what to add and how much to make things good and healthy. Last night was the first time I have EVER used a measuring cup! The creativity now comes in spice selection and figuring out the best combos of food to taste the best and keep to the plan.

    The creativity comes now with combinations, here’s what I’ve come up with so far:

    3 block Spinach salad with Blackberry Dressing (this thing is huge!):

    Protein: 6 oz. of firm tofu (diced) or 3 oz. grilled chicken

    CHO: 3 cups spinach, I cup mushrooms (sliced), 3/5 cup red peppers (diced), 1 cup raw broccoli, 1/3 cucumber (diced), 1/2 cup celery (diced) & 3 blackberries

    Fat: 1 tsp. olive oil

    Dressing = 3 blackberries (mash ’em into a juice), mix with olive oil, pepper, oregano, and a little bit of salt. Drizzle over salad!

    It took me 2 sittings to eat this actually; it’s a lot of veggies!

    3 Block Breakfast
    1. Tofu and eggs: Saute with non-fat cooking spray 2 oz. of diced Tofu until browned (pat out the water to make it happen quicker). Add 2 egg whites and scramble. Spice with smoked paprika, garlic powder, crushed red pepper and black pepper, and a touch of salt.
    2. 2 soy sausages (i forgot about these this morning!!)
    3. 1/2 grapefruit
    4. 1/2 english muffin with 2 tsp of cream cheese
    5. 5 green olives

    This is actually a lot of food too! Definitely a good breakfast and it takes up a whole plate 🙂

    I know these are more involved to prep, but much more interesting than 12 cups of spinach 😉 Hope it’s useful for someone!

  18. Anonymous says:

    lots of tawk about glycemic index here, but lets not 4get about glycemic LOAD- basically, its the density of CHO in the food, the # of grams of CHO times the glycemic index. an explanation and list of values can be found here:

  19. edgy reggie says:

    Thanks for the information about agave nectar. I guess I’ll go back to using Splenda (I was actually trying to wean myself off of it) and give Stevia (I have some packets at home) a try.

    I did say earlier that I was adjusting. 🙂

  20. CFDC Maiko says:

    Goodness you guys are a treasure trove of information!!! Thanks for the recipes Monica and thanks for the snack ideas tubs!

    Man, the veggies are killing me! I wanted a simple salad for dinner last night and it called for 6 cups of greens O_o I don’t have enough to fulfill a week’s worth of zoning at the moment. I’ll have to completely rework my budget to see where I can get some additional grocery money.

    Oh, and I made a big mistake yesterday. I used 1/3 c DRIED oatmeal instead of COOKED oatmeal for a single carb block. No wonder I was pleasantly full yesterday, mehehe