January 7, 2009
January 12, 2009

Thursday class was held on the basketball court, which worked well for the 22 people that turned up!

Warmup was 2 rounds of 15 squats/ 10 pushups/ run, then one trip across the court and back of walking lunges.   
Main workout was done with a partner, as a series of relays.
5 rounds:
10 DB Thrusters
10 DB Swings
10BW Jump Squats
10 Pushups
suicide sprint (1/2 court+ back, full+back, 1/2+ back)
One person completed all reps and ran while their partner rested.  As sooon as the last leg of the suicide finished they switched.   This has been our third “interval” workout lately (1 min C+Js, 6 min. DB/burpee complex) all of varying times.   It seemed like people found this one tougher than initially expected.
Finished with a few minutes work on Handstands and Double Unders.


  1. Jade says:

    Sara was my partner and we finished in 21:15. We used 20 lb. db’s for our workout. This was no doubt easy for Sara, but was my first time using 20’s for an entire workout! Oddly enough, the easiest part of the workout were the push-ups! Thanks to Sara for really pushing me last night! You really got me through it!

    Sadly, this was my last Thursday night workout for the next few months. Tuesday nights will be a stretch, but I’m going to try to pick up the Sunday classes. Tax season starts on Monday and I’ll be chained to my desk through April! 🙁

  2. Jade says:

    And for the record, I suck at double-unders! I have the welts on my legs and a$$ to prove it!

  3. Sara says:

    Well Jade said it all for me. The 20 lbs did seem a bit light for me but I am certain I got a good workout because Jade asked me to take a little longer so she could rest more and my shoulders were feeling it on the handstand practice. I felt pretty good on everything even the shuttle runs, which is odd for me. I didn’t do the double under practice for obvious reasons.

    Major props to Jade for sticking with the 20 lb dbs. You did great.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I partnered with Ellen. I used 10lb dbs and she used 15s. We finished in just under 27 mins.

    I was able to sorta walk up the wall twice..didn’t do double unders.

    Great workout….I went to bed early and woke up refreshed. I still feel great.

    Cya on Sunday.

  5. CFDC Maiko says:

    hmm…kinda glad I skipped out on class since DB swings are what f*cked my back up again. Anyway, wasn’t feeling great so I went straight home and slept. Feeling somewhat better today. Hope the sickness will be mostly gone by Tuesday when I return to class!

    Nice job on using 20#s for the first time Jade!!

  6. Monica says:

    Ami was my partner which is always a good thing, cuz she’s tough. We used 25’s and finished in just over 21 min, I believe. The swings had a much different feel with a dumbbell, it was a nice stretch to go all the way overhead. Like Rhoda, I felt refreshed this morning too. I got up at 5 am to go to the grocery store in order to stay in the Zone.

    This was recommended to me, and I tried it today, it is fabulous and very filling for a 2 block snack.

    1/2 cup cottage cheese (i used 1%), 2 cups of sliced strawberries, and 6 almonds…it’s like strawberry shortcake…i think…actually i’ve never eaten strawberry shortcake, but it seems like it would be similar 🙂

    Planning on cooking and creating more recipes on Saturday.

  7. Sara says:

    So I made a 3 block salad today for lucnh. This thing is soooooooooo HUUUUUUUUGGGGGGGGGGH

  8. edgy reggie says:

    Due to a late departure from the Ashburn house, I arrived at the gym (missed the warm-up) seeing lots of people and not knowing what the hell was going on (other than knowing that it was a CrossFit DC workout)! 🙂

    I jumped into the workout, partnered with Christian, and did 15# for the thrusters and the DB swings. Starting with round two, I used both 15# dumbbells for the swings. Using a much lighter weight for the thrusters really helped my squatting form because I…got…deep. 🙂

    Great effort by my partner, Christian, and by everyone else in the class.

    Double-unders: I’m still a work-in-progress (loosely translated: I still suck). But I will keep working on them.

    Handstands: I skipped these because I anticipated that Winnie would have me performing these in yoga (which was immediately after CrossFit in Bethesda). Guess what? I was right (I did three in class.)! 🙂

    Too bad Ewunike arrived after I did; otherwise, I suspect that we would have had a birthday workout in her honor. 🙂

    Maiko: I understood why you took the night off, but you were missed. 🙂

    Jade: I understand that you gotta do what you gotta do; nevertheless, you will be missed. 🙂

    My Zone progress: Bought a lot of groceries — including a bottle of fish oil capsules — yesterday. I made my five-block breakfast this morning, and no, it was not oatmeal this time. 🙂

    But — in the words of the late James Brown, the godfather of soul, “I feel good!” 🙂

  9. edgy reggie says:

    @Monica: It ain’t shortcake if it doesn’t have the cake (or biscuits). 🙂

    CFDC’s own ODB is…getting into the Zone…gradually.

  10. sara says:

    Monica – I have always loved cottage cheese with strawberries. What brand of Cottage cheese did you buy. I think I bought somehting different than I usually get because I don’t like the one I have

  11. CFDC Maiko says:

    omigoodness, a 3blk salad??? That’s insane…I can’t eat more than 2blks of salad myself!

    I made a weirdo omelette thingy for my 3blk lunch today.

    -Two whole eggs (2 protein blk), ~1/2 scoop of vanilla whey protein (1 protein blk) for the shell.

    -Innards consisted of chopped up green & red peppers and onions (1 carb blk), 1 cup of grape tomatoes (1 carb blk), and 1 blk worth of romaine lettuce…which I read was 6cups.

    -Flavored the chopped stuff with chilli powder, cumin, thyme, garlic powder, ground coriander…basically most of the spices in the cabinet since I was starting to run late, lol. Sauteed all of that before tackling the egg.

    Granted not all of the innards got inside the omelette…but it tasted good~ Oh, for fat I just went with olive oil.

    Hopefully calculations were correct…and I think it’s time I force myself to try cottage cheese ’cause Monica’s strawberry shortcake sounds gooooooooooooood.

    Back to class, 22 ppl showed up?? WOW, that’s huge for a Thursday night!! And thanks Reg! =) It was very odd going straight home on a Thurs night, made going straight to bed that much easier though!

  12. Jade says:

    The class was huge last night! Maiko was definitely missed. Get better soon!

    I like to think that my handstands would have been better pre-thrusters! 🙂 I was definitely sucking wind last night, but I think Sara and I still managed to finish near the top.

  13. Sara says:

    As I said already you did great Jade!!!!!!!!! I think it was time for you to move up in weight cause you always finish near the top.

    If I ever do a 3 block salad again I am including at least 1 1/2 blocks of chickpeas or black beans. That will make it much smaller. This time it was only 1 block of beans which resulted in tooooooo much lettuce.

  14. CFDC Maiko says:

    Question: I’ve been drinking a lot of tea lately. Is Zone anti-tea (or more specifically anti-caffeine)? It wouldn’t be hard for me to stop since I only started regularly drinking a week ago, but I thought I’d ask.


  15. CFDC Maiko says:

    oh, and when I drink tea I’m your stereotypical Asian and don’t add sugar or honey to my tea.


  16. Tom Brose says:

    We’ll be working more HS and HSPU as well as double unders.
    You all are doing great on the nutrition, please keep measuring and sharing your meals/recipies.

    Maiko, caffiene is GOOD, I’ve been telling you that. So the tea is no problem.

  17. SaltyHat says:

    Another great workout – I am really glad I skipped kickboxing last night for that. Used 40# DBs for the workout, and Steve and I finished somewhere in the 15:50’s.

    Handstands? Well, they’re about as pretty as my DU’s.

    Zone is going well, although I may do some restructuring this weekend by moving some blocks around. I wanted to wait for at least a week before I did this to see how things were going. At this point, I am on a 21 Block plan set out in 5-4-5-4-3 pattern. I am thinking I will probably move a block from either of my snacks to my dinner, as I have been waking up pretty hungry lately. As for tea, it is definitely In-The-Zone, which is a good thing, because I easily drink over 1.5 liters of green tea a day (what can I say, I’m really an Asian on the inside…)

  18. CFDC Maiko says:

    Dude, I thought the “caffeine is GOOOOOOD” was a joke! I must admit that I had a grand time when I drank a whole thing of black tea last Friday. Talk about being wired! Haven’t done it since but I restocked my tea supply by buying some different teas from Ching Ching Cha (I’m not going to comment on the ching ching part of the name).

    Salty, I’m declaring you an Asian by Osmosis…

  19. Tom Brose says:

    Next, Maiko on six shots of expresso! Actually, all of the Crossfit strict nutrition folks (Nicole, Robb W, etc) are also complete caffeine addicts. At CF certs, there are many Starbucks runs for the staff.

    Chris, we can rework your blocks, especialy to micromanage post workout nutrition.

  20. edgy reggie says:

    @SaltyHat (Chris): For what it’s worth, I’m doing twenty-one blocks as well. My block breakdown is 5-3-5-3-5 (I have switched to 5-3-5-5-3 on occasion), and I haven’t felt that hungry between meals so far.

    CFDC’s own ODB is…enjoying his five-block, two-alarm chili for dinner. 🙂

  21. Chris w says:

    Sorry to miss all the fun. Got another head/chest cold so am not working out as much as I want. But, got a new PR of 14 rounds of Cindy today, which I’m attributing to the eating changes (and a less-sucky kip). Still feel like I’m chomping through lots of veg, but not complaining–better that than the other way around, and I’m mixing in more favorable fruit, which helps. But I’m sticking with it measuring etc. I need to shift some blocks earlier in the day.

    Really appreciate people posting recipes and quick snack ideas. I will contribute once I actually create something I think someone else would want to eat. There are some zone recipes and links at this blog connected with CF santa cruz: http://cfscceat.blogspot.com/

    And I definitely recommend reading Robb Wolf. Who would tell me to get more sleep.

  22. CFDC Maiko says:

    eeew…expresso tastes like liquid shit!