February 7, 2009
February 11, 2009
Unseasonably warm weather + (-Tom Brose) + Steve O. =




Overhead Suquats w/ PVC
Plank Push-ups

Main Course:

800m Block Run
50KB Swings
40 Pull-ups
30 Burpees
20 BB Thrusters
10 Box Jumps
Mass Ave Run
10 Box Jumps
20 BB Thrusters
30 Burpees
40 Pull-ups
50 KB Swings
800m Block Run

Weight for BB Thrusters was 65# for the men and 45# for the ladies.

Yes, I know I almost always post a Tom A. doing thrusters pic. I must have a thousand different “Tom A. doing thrusters” pics on my computer. I’m dubbing Tom the King of Thrusters.

No time was kept for the workout.

Ahh, the post-workout shot. Resting after one grueling workout while Reggie is cranking out the burpees (look how lean he’s gotten!) But what is this I see in the center of the pic?

Clearly the Steve’s workout left Steph in an “altered state.” Which particular “altered state” is unknown to YoursTruly. I sat here for longer than I’d like to admit trying to come up with something clever like I did with SaltyHat, but just look at the picture. Doesn’t it tug at your heartstrings and make you want to send money to those poor children abroad via the Christian Children’s Fund?

Then, when you put Steph’s pic and Salty’s pic together…

Doesn’t it make you chortle?



  1. Steph says:

    HAHAHAHAHA, I do not know what to say after that Maiko!!!

    Not sure which altered state I was in either, I think I was just happy to sit down and not have to move a single muscle, and that include muscles required to blink, smile and talk.

    Hm, guess I’ll just post my loads: 16kg for the swings, 45lbs for thrusters, and did jumping pull-ups.

    Great class Steve! Thank you! Although tricking me into using the 65# barbell as the 45# for thrusters was not cool!!

  2. John Frazer says:

    I used 16 kg for the swings and 45# for the thrusters (still nursing an injured shoulder). Wish I’d timed it.

  3. Chris w says:

    hA.. right before this, my expression was more like Steph’s, till she asked me if I was OK. Now I realize she may have asked me this because I was bright red. That and/or the twitching limbs and the vacant expression.

    45 kb, kipping, 65 thrusters, mostly step-ups. Good times

  4. Anonymous says:

    im glad i mist this class. went to spaworld instead.


  5. edgy reggie says:

    I did 65# thrusters, jumping pull-ups (still working on the kipping pull-ups), 24kg kettlebell swings, and an 18″ (I believe that is the height) box jump (which I did jump…again).

    I’m still taking care of my right knee; as a result, I did walk some during the Mass. Ave. and final block runs.

    (My shorts kept falling down as I performed jumping pull-ups; apologies to anyone that I may have offended…it was not intentional.)

    Put me down in the “I Completed Another Steve O. Workout at CrossFit DC” club (this really should be a Facebook group). 🙂 Great work by everyone.

    Blog: “…Reggie is cranking out the burpees (look how lean he’s gotten!)…”

    Wow! Thanks for the compliment Maiko. I wasn’t aware that you (or anyone else) noticed. 🙂

    CrossFit DC’s own ODB is…enjoying the unseasonably warm weather (but isn’t getting used to it).

  6. Anonymous says:

    Hey yall,

    I used dbs for the swings and thrusters…2.5, 5, 8 and finally 10lbs. I know, I know, I can do more. Whatever.

    I did step ups instead of box jumps and I did wall push ups instead of burpees. See comment above.

    I did jumping pull ups. Yay me.

    I mostly walked the block runs but I finished them all. Double yay me.

    Someone shoulda told Steve that we did a lot of running on Thursday. We were good on the running…didn’t need anymore.

    I’ll stop pissin and moanin now.

    Great weather. Great workout. Cya Tues.


  7. Maiko says:

    mehehe glad you liked it Steph ;P

    Reggie – too bad there wasn’t a better pic of you! I was like “goodness! I can see ab muscles!!!” while you were doing the burpees. way to go!! =D

    Ok, my loads!

    16kg for the swings but only brought the KB to eye-level to make sure the back didn’t go crazy.

    45# for the Thrusters, although I’m wondering if I should have tried 65#. Was entirely too tired to laugh as hard as I wanted when Steph told me Steve tricked her into using 65#, LOL

    Jumping pull-ups instead of kipping. Still working the kinks out of my back =

    Step-ups, and on the second set of box jumps I used the really tiny box since everything else was taken. mehehe.

    Run was more like a shuffle…clearly my body was made for weightlifting and not running. *sigh*

    Sure there was more I wanted to add but I’m drawing a blank.

  8. Rob says:

    Hey everybody, if you go to Sunday’s post on the main Crossfit page, and enlarge the picture, you’ll see our very own Tom trying to get a female competitor (sporting some rockin’ socks) to lock out after a thruster. Good times!

  9. Rob says:

    Oh, as far as my loads, I did the 24kg Kettlebell, the 65# bar and the high box-like thing. On the last run, I was with Monica, who took one look at me and asked: “Are you sure you’re alright?” I think she was contemplating running back to the gym and calling 911. Ouch.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Why do we never see Tom B. without his shirt? Two pack, four pack, six pack? Keg?


  11. Sara says:

    Hey Everyone,

    I used 16kg for swings and did the 45# for thrusters. Did jumping pull-ups and step-ups. Also did modified burpees too. The thrusters and swings felt pretty good maybe even a bit too easy. I think I’m getting use to the 16kg KB. I tried the 24KG (I think that is what Monica was using) but it was a bit too much. The runs SUCKED!!!!!!!!!!!! I wish I could get better at running.

    Love all the zombie faces after the workout.

    Steve – this was a great class

    Reggie – you should start a Facebook group… I am sure we would all Join.

    Does anyone else have scrapes on their elbows from the plank push-ups during the warm-up?

  12. SaltyHat says:

    Well, since tradition holds that a Steve O. workout is either the last workout before I leave for vacation or the first workout after I return from vacation, and since I clearly did NOT just return from a vacation on Saturday, this means that I must be leaving today or tomorrow.

    Loads: 32kg KB swings, kipping pull-ups, 65lb thrusters, jumping box jumps on the big box. First run wasn’t bad, second was definitely worse but still a run – the third however, was more like a dazed jog. Must’ve been a good workout.

  13. TomandAmi says:

    Damn – what is it about Steve O’s work-outs that leave me (us) feeling like we were run over by a truck. But great class – notwithstanding the running.

    And by the way Maiko I thought the fact that you have hundreds of photos of me as a the “King of Thrusters” was supposed to be our little secret.

    And I was going to make that the title of my direct to DVD movie.

    OK then, Tom(K.O.T.)A.is out of here.

  14. Tom Brose says:

    You all are nuts. Its great to have someone like Steve to rely on. I know you all are in good hands (and now I don’t seem so sadistic)The affiliate fest was very informative, and its definitely inspiring to be in a room w/ 300+ CrossFitters. Gave me lots of great ideas.

    Rhonda, I’m trying to bring people in, not scare them off!

    OK, see you all Tuesday night!