March 8, 2009
March 13, 2009

Workout: Hot…Humid…Sweaty…Moist…Stanky…

In Groups of 5 with one person per station complete 4 rounds of…

Med Ball Cleans
DB Push Press
Box Jumps

Start with 25 reps for the first round, decrease reps by 5 for each subsequent round (25-20-15-10). Everyone rotates through each exercise before beginning a new round. Everyone must finish the reps before anyone in the team can move on to the next exercise.


Loads, post them to comments you must. Nice work as always, especially the new folk!

See you on the court!



  1. edgy reggie says:

    I used a pair of 45# dumbbells for the push presses, a 20# medicine ball for the cleans, a 32 kg kettlebell for the high-pulls, and the 24″ box for the box jumps.

    After the first set, I ended up doing step-ups instead of box jumps because I was tired.

    Great work by my teammates (Sara, Maiko, Rob, and Tom A.). Everyone who survived that workout did a *great* job. I’m sure anyone who came in after we left didn’t like slipping on the floor. 🙂

    With the conditions in the room being the way they were, that workout was one tough mutha…

    “…shet your mouth!”

    “But I’m talking about CrossFit.”

    “And we can dig it!” 🙂

    CFDC’s own ODB is…still recovering.

  2. Bryant says:

    That was roughhhhhh. Didn’t even feel like my ritual post CF beer afterwards (and that’s saying something)! Props to my teammates John, Hunter, Zach, and Mario for staying motivated and keeping me motivated. And like Reggie said, props to everyone else for surviving the whole ordeal! ;o)

    I used 40# for the push press (except for round 3 where I used 25#? Db’s for some odd reason), not sure what MB for the cleans, not sure what kg for the kettlebell high pulls (I know it was 55# though), and the 24″ box??? Haha, yes this workout made me delirious!

    Thought I was going to CF today, but I’m still a wreck from yesterday. See y’all on Thursday!

  3. TomandAmi says:

    Hot, Humid, Sweaty, Moist, Stanky – hey, add dinner and movie before and I am there.

    That said, seemed like it was going to be an easier work-out but it was not.

    Though unless Henry spikes a kettle bell the work out is not at the most difficult level.

    Kudos to Brose for designing a work-out for 24 that fit the space, kicked every one’s ass, and had mixed level teams – nice feature.

  4. Rob says:

    I was with Team Reggie/Maiko/Tom, so I also did the 45# DBs and 32kg Kettlebell. Our team was really great and very well balanced.

    The “well-balanced” part made things considerably more difficult because everybody was finishing around the same time.

    I also thought the “working out in a sauna” aspect added a new degree of difficulty. Maybe we can create the first super-hot WODs like they do in some yoga classes. . . .

  5. Steph says:

    I loved last night’s workout!! Thanks Tom for letting me work out with the big boys 😀 Salty, Steve O, Henry and Gene were great motivation. I think I definitely pushed myself harder being in a group with some of the best in class.

    I started on push presses. Used 2 30#s for part of the first round but they were too heavy as I could only get 12 and could not stop the dbs from slamming into my shoulders so I switched to the 25#s I had as backup. Did jumps on the box, used a 16kg (I think) for the high-pulls, and the 12lb ball for the cleans.

    The cleans sucked the worst I think. Legs were on fire!!

    Even though Henry didn’t spike the kb, I did see Mario after finishing up his last rep of push presses throwing his dbs on the floor and spitefully saying to them “f*** you!”

  6. Maiko says:

    Pre-Workout: Double Unders practice. I still suck at them.

    Workout: Was in team Reggie/Sara/Tom/Rob and used 30#DB for the Push Press, 24″ box for the jumps, 45# KB for the High Pulls, and the 16# ball for the med-ball cleans.

    Ditto on Rob’s comment about being in a well-balanced group. I definitely dropped a few f-bombs when we all finished around the same time so there was little rest in between. This especially sucked with the Burpees to Med-Ball cleans transition, lol. Anyway, Great work everyone!!

    …And now I got the theme to Shaft stuck in my head…

  7. Maiko says:

    oh, and Tom A. – just…eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeew The Moist and stank part just makes that extra nashty

  8. TomandAmi says:

    Those were your descriptive words Maiko – and you know to keep on the Shaft theme – “I’m a complicated man but no one understands me like my woman” duh, duh, dunt, duh, duh, dunt, duh, duh, dunt duh (in time and to the music).

  9. Maiko says:

    Dude I’m Maiko – the super innocent & unbelievably angelic CFDCer. 0:) I would NEVER imply such smut with my words!

    Instead of “moist” I should have put “slippery”…which doesn’t make things sound better but was surely the case after two rounds of burpees on the lifting platform! Sara was smart and switched burpee locations. Clearly working out in sauna conditions makes my brain stop functioning properly.

  10. SaltyHat says:

    Hardcore class. Preceded class with running WOD I stole from CFNC: 800M jog, 2min rest, 400M at 80%, 2min rest, 400M sprint, 3min rest, 1 mile for time (6:29)
    For class, my team consisted of Steve O., Henry, Gene, and Steph. Used the 45# DBs, 30″ box (or whatever it is), 32K KB, and 20# MedBall. I got so hot during the workout I had to remove the SaltyHat, and ended up hitting Steph in the back of the head when I tried to toss it aside – and you know it was a tough workout cuz Steve O. didn’t even laugh at that. And I second Tom A.’s thoughts – congrats to Brose for simultaneously kicking the ass of 25 people in such a small amount of space.

    as for “the super innocent & unbelievably angelic CFDCer,” I, uh, plead the fifth…

  11. SaltyHat says:

    and when did Yoda start updating the blog: “Loads, post them to comments you must.”

  12. Maiko says:

    you know, sometimes I wonder if people actually read what’s in an entry…apparently they do! lol

    and not only am I super innocent and unbelievably angelic, I’m also sweet like HFCS! mwahahah!

    is the day over yet??

  13. edgy reggie says:

    Rob was right about being in a well-balanced group. I agree with that assessment.

    @Maiko and @Tom A: I have my electric guitar with the wah-wah pedal playing just for you. 🙂

  14. edgy reggie says:

    @Tom A.: So you’re the cat who won’t cop out when there’s danger all about? 🙂

  15. Tom Brose says:

    Best day for comments! Dehydration induced humor perhaps?

  16. Sara says:

    I hate being at a client site where I can not go on to the blog… All I am able to do is work and I have to wait till the end of the day to read the humor/cursing/praising.

    I was in Rob/Tom A/Reggie/Maiko’s group. I used 30# DBs for push press, 16# med ball for cleans, 45#KB for SDHP and stepped-up on 20′(I think) box.

    There were definitely F-bombs from all in our group because we didn’t really get any chance for resting through the 4 rounds. I have to agree with the rest of my group when they say it was nicely balanced.

  17. Sara says:

    I forgot one thing. I am sore today… I can only imagine how I will feel tomorrow.

  18. ppetersan says:

    I know it’s a little late to be posting, but it’s good to be back in class. The worst thing about the back injury was being out of CF for 5+ months. The workout on Tuesday was great. Due to work I won’t be back until next week, but I will definitely be a regular once again.

  19. Tom Brose says:

    Peter, aren’t you forgetting to mention something? A little milestone after class tuesday?

  20. ppetersan says:

    Oh, yeah! After class I was chatting with Reggie and someone whose name I don’t know (sorry). We were trying to do muscle ups and on my second try, to my complete surprise, I did my first one ever!! It seems crazy, but I do have two witnesses.

  21. Maiko says:

    Nice Peter!! =D Congrats on making it to the Muscle-up club!

    Sara – step-ups on a 20′ box? that’s unbelievable ;P

  22. ppetersan says:

    Thanks, Maiko. I was pretty excited. I just hope it wasn’t a fluke 🙂

  23. Bryant says:

    Peter…that was me you were talking to! Haha, I witnessed it! It was pretty sweet!

  24. ppetersan says:

    Thanks, Bryant. Even though we haven’t formally met, the fact that you witnessed my first MU means that I will now never forget your name.