March 13, 2009
March 18, 2009

Let’s see who catches it…

Consider Sunday a session dedicated to skill work. Let’s get to what happened.

Workout I: Pull-ups

For this section we worked on kipping pull-ups and kipping pull-ups ALONE! Each person took turns completing as many kipping pull-ups as possible in, I believe, 45 seconds for a total of four rounds. Any and all variations of kipping were welcome. And talk about good timing, Steph and Ami nailed their first kipping pull-ups just in time for the workout!

The ladies can’t hide their post-kipping joy after class!

Welcome to Club Kipping ladies!!

Scores!!!…are sloppy and I’m a bit beat. Please post your reps to comments!!!

Workout II: Hang Squat Cleans

After taxing the arms, the next task at hand was to work up to your 3RM for the Hang Squat Clean. Hopefully, with exhausted arms, people were able to rely more on their legs for power instead of using the arms to try and lift the weight.

Any PRs? Post loads to comments!!

Workout III/Finisher: Half Tabata

Only 4 rounds of 20 seconds on/10 seconds off of:

Mountain Climbers

Lowest rep out of the 4 rounds count as your score, but the Mountain Climbers were not scored. You just had to blast through those bad boys until your legs couldn’t stand it any more.

Things wrapped up with a nice static stretching session. Great work as usual, and congratulate the folks who set PRs today!



  1. TomandAmi says:

    Great class – really good combination of body weight and lifting strength then metcon.

    I am psyched too because I pulled a PR at 175 lbs. for the clean. Thanks to Tom and lifting group of Mark and Blair for the encouragement.

    Damn – Steph and Ami look like sistas from another mother – all big teeth and little eyes. Wait a minute isn’t there a debate about the cradle of civilization being between China and Africa. They’re both wrong – the photo is proof that it’s both!

    And congratulations on the kipping ladies.

  2. Sara says:

    Let’s See = Great class even though I arrived late. My warm up ended up being a run from my car to the gym.

    On the pull-ups I put together the following sets 12-10-8-16 (guess I finally got warmed up) and got a tip that duct tape is the best tape to use to protect your calluses. I will try that out next time.

    For the cleans I worked up to 75lbs (this may have been a PR for me). I did about 3-4 rounds at 75. I am not sure if I got 3 reps in on any of them. I think I bailed out on the last one each time.

    Tabata – Squats = 16, push-ups = 8, sit-ups = 10.

    Big congratulations to Ami and Steph on your kipping milestone. Nice job to Monica as well. I saw you from afar string a bunch together. I know it wasn’t your first cause we got that together.

    Congrats to Tom on your PR.

  3. Bryant says:

    I am very disappointed to miss out on this workout! 🙁 Sounds and looks awesome. P/Us are my favorite exercise, and my dream in CF is to be able to do olympic lifts! Dang.

    Anyways, congrats to those who beat their PRs. Wish I was there. See y’all on Tuesday!

  4. Bryant says:

    Ps. Sara just read your post. Thanks for the duct tape tip…I think I am going to put that to use. I was sitting at the bar I worked at bored as hell last night, and stupid me decides to trim my calluses with a knife. Well short story shorter, I took out a massive chunk of skin. Couldn’t figure out what to do, but since duct tape works wonders in the dorm room, I think your idea should do the trick for my hands!

  5. John Frazer says:

    Pullups: 16 (PR by 3 for the whiteboard), 10, 7, 9.

    Cleans: Worked up to 125#x3

    1/2 Tabata scores:
    Squats = 14
    Pushups = 5
    Situps = 6
    Mtn. climbers = ugh

    More for the whiteboard —

    Back squat 222#
    Clean 150#

  6. TomandAmi says:

    OK forgot the serious stuff –

    16 straight PUs another PR then went to 13, 12, 13.

    Tabata 15, 10,8

  7. Tom Brose says:

    I could have walked out the door at 10:05 and been satisfied. I KNEW that Steph and Ami would get good pullups today, and I was right.

    Nice work on the cleans. I was happy to see good shrugging under the bar and tight barbaths. Lifts I noticed

    Ami and Mary 95
    Chris W 115 (good adjustments)
    Blair and Mark 205 (more???)
    Steve O 220

    and…Salty making his coaching debut, laying off a sore wrist, and taking time to help Sophia learn the clean. Another part of what makes our class special.

  8. edgy reggie says:

    I have to agree that it was a great class…but one who does Specifically Highlighted Intense Training needs a good post-workout drink. How about sugar-honey-iced-tea? 🙂

    My pull-ups (which I did strict with no jumping or kipping at all) were 12-10-7-6.

    Since I did cleans in a competition on the prior day, I wanted to see how much I had left in the tank, so to speak. I was able to clean 80kg (that’s 176.4 pounds), but…it was ugly (and, yes, I guess you could call it a PR). I have *a lot* of work to do (with respect to Olympic lifting). 🙂 Thanks to Steve O. for the encouragement.

    Tabata squats: 15
    Tabata push-ups: 15
    Tabata sit-ups: 13

    Congratulations to Stephanie and Ami on joining the kipping pull-up club (I heard the squeals and knew right away what was going on.). But realize that you two now pay a price: you cannot revert to jumping pull-ups…ever!

    I just got back from yoga as of this comment. Winnie focused on a lot of hip (flexor) stretching in tonight’s class (which I definitely need). After class, I felt great…but also ready for bed. 🙂

    CFDC’s own ODB is…old and dirty.

  9. Maiko says:

    Pre workout – strict presses and jump rope (no DUs)

    Workout I: Pull-ups

    Got 13-11-12-7. Congrats on the pull ups ladies! I didn’t even know Monica got hers too (a while back it sounds like)! We’ve got an army of kippers now! =) And Reggie’s right, unless you have an injury you guys have to stick with kipping from now on! ;P Your abs are going to hate~~~ you~~~

    Workout II: Hang Squat Clean

    Tried two with the bar and felt badness in my left thumb. Sat out for this portion of class. Chatting with Sara made me realize that thumb injury or strain must’ve been from trying to flip Big Poppa on Thursday =

    Workout III: Half Tabata

    Squats: 16
    Push-ups: 12, which sucks big hairy hobit balls b/c I got 15 all other rounds!!!
    Sit-ups: 11
    Mt. Climbers: teh suck

    Thanks for the tip Sara, I was wondering what was up with all the duct tape in the gym yesterday! And Bryant…DUDE!!!! You must’ve been REALLY bored to try to trim your calluses with a knife of all things!!

  10. TomandAmi says:

    And yes, thanks to Chris for the coaching for Sofia – she was totally into it.

    P.S. Specifically Highlighted Intense Training (S.H.I.T.)

  11. edgy reggie says:

    I forgot to mention in my previous comment that my tabata squats were bottom-to-bottom (B2B). 🙂 I’m finding that performing them in that manner helps my (right) knee.

    @Bryant: Not to worry…there will plenty of opportunities for you to attempt Olympic lifting. After all, we (at CFDC) haven’t done barbell snatches in a while. 🙂

    @Tom A.: Congratulations on your PR with the clean. Now it’s time for you to show up at Capital Barbell Club on Saturdays. Having another over-six-foot-tall, over-forty-years-young masters-class participant is *always* welcome! 🙂

  12. Maiko says:

    You sir win a sugar honey iced tea!

  13. Rob says:

    Great job guys, sorry I missed it.

    So I have a complaint and a question. The complaint is that I was out of town for the last 5 days, and I was trying to make up the squat cleans late last night at the Washington Sports Club in Dupont. I did about 15 of them at increasing weights. On the 16th try, I was too focused on shrugging and not enough on the extension, and I fail the lift and drop the bar. Immediately, one of the trainers comes over to me and says: “Maybe you should go down in weight.”

    I mean, WTF? And then after I do two more, the same trainer makes another snarky comment. I was so annoyed that I stopped with the lifts.

    So that’s the complaint. The question is: does anybody have any gym recommendations for the Dupont area? I live at 18th and P. Much appreciated!

  14. edgy reggie says:

    @Tom A.: Did you try this site for weightlifitng shoes:

    (I would have sent this to you in an e-mail message, but I don’t have your e-mail address.) 🙂

    @Rob: Two words: Balance Gym. 🙂

  15. Maiko says:

    Hey Rob!

    Sometimes I find it really hard to believe I use to be one of those people who never heard of pushing yourself with weight (only on the treadmill). = That sucks, although I am impressed they didn’t tell you to stop altogether.

    I second Reggie’s suggestion. I really know of no other gym that will allow you to drop weights or use chaulk in the DC metro area. Balance has everything you need and I believe the drop-in rate is now $15.

  16. John Frazer says:


    If you’re looking for lifting shoes, I’ve been happy with the leather Do-Wins, which happen to be on sale at Pendlay Barbell:

    Glenn Pendlay was really helpful on the phone helping me figure out the right size. (Good thing, since it’s hard to see how you could wear them out.) As I told Reggie, I wish I could find a pair of wingtips this comfortable.


  17. Steph says:

    Yay, so happy 😀 I’m going to be smiling like a fool for the rest of the week! Congrats to Ami, who is apparently my sister, for getting her first kipping pull-up wiht me 🙂 And lots of thanks to everyone who’s helped me with the movement and the constant encouragement!! Couldn’t have done it without you guys!

    Now the results:
    Got 6 pull-ups for each round. I think the most I could string together was 2 or 3 and not all of them were chin above the bar. Will be working on that this week. Maiko, my abs are going to hate me too?? Right now my forearms hate me!!!

    Cleans: 95#.

    Tabata: 16 squats, 11 push-ups, 12 sit-ups.

    I think the duty of finding a house in VA Beach for people who are going down to the Qualifier and willing to split the cost of the house is now on me. So it would be very helpful if I can get a count of who’s in on that. So far I have Brose, Maiko, Tom and Ami, Chris and I, Steve O and Jenn, and Sara (?). Correct me if I’m wrong and let me know if I missed anyone.

  18. Chris w says:

    Great class…I guess we don’t have to be twitching on the ground wanting to puke for it to be agreat class. At least not every time.

    Bryant- I highly recommend filing callouses when they are soaked like during/after the shower, and use a pumice stone (You’ll have to be willing to go to the girly part of CVS, but its a good tool) or a nail file. The dead skin separates out better. If it starts to hurt, you are going too far.

    PU 18/15/8/9
    Thanks for the pointers on the clean…still ugly, but much improved…115 was a PR, but more importantly, the form is better

    15/10/10/ow on the tabata.

  19. Anonymous says:

    it was sooo nice to see evrybody! i miss u guys. i dint mean to be antisocial- i had to get the wod in before my 1 oclock concert at the KC so i was in a hurry as usual. whenever i see class goin on its sooo hard for me to not join in ! keep up the good work,


  20. Tom Brose says:

    Thanks Tuba. Always nice to have you around!

  21. Maiko says:

    mehehe, sounds like Tom got another personal assistant! ;P

    Qualifiers – I should be good as far as taking that Monday off so we can celebrate Sunday. Just waiting for one atty to come back from vacation so I can have him sign off on my leave~ Are we actually going to try to make our own food? Does that mean I gotta bring some groceries too? hehe

    Kipping pull-ups – my abs aren’t really strong compared to other parts of my body, so I’m not sure if it’s just me. BUT once you start stringing more KPUs together (ie, within the next few CFDC sessions) you’ll feel it in your abs, at at least your “core,” as you crank out more reps. When I gas out, it’s either because my grip or my core and I feel it more in my abs just b/c my back is pretty strong. Again this could just be me. Either way, it suuuuuuuuucks.

    Chris W – LOL Girly part?? You clearly have young children!! =P

    tubs – Nice to see you at the gym FINALLY!!! How did JT go?

  22. edgy reggie says:

    @Chris W. & @Bryant: …or you could purchase a PedEgg for Men (located in the metrosexual part of the store) at Walgreens. 🙂

    A PedEgg is what I use to file my callouses, and it works well.

  23. TomandAmi says:

    OK since we’er exchanging personal grooming product advice (Salty thsi is where you weigh in too now) – I use Ami’s big foot file thingy to basically sand down the callouses a couple of times a week – keeps the hands rough enough to endure the pulling but soft enough and not so thick as to tear.

    Echo the Balance Gyn thing – I have a separate membership which allows me to use the gyn any time, do all barbell lifts to failure, use chalk, swear, throw, drop and bang weights in the process if unavoidable, etc, without pissing off any one or at least being able to say fuck ’em go to another gym if they do get pissed off.

    Thanks for the shoe recommendations – I know my progress is limited only by level of commitment and shoe type.

  24. SaltyHat says:

    With no sleep in the past 30 hours (or so), I hope this post makes sense.

    First and Foremost – salty-hat(s) off to Steph and Ami for their kipping pull-ups. Truly awesome.

    For my own workout:

    Pull-Ups – 20, 18, 15, 15. Per the rules of the upcoming Regional, I tried to make sure that my chest made contact with the bar on each pull-up, something I have not done before. It was obnoxiously harder than usual, and I think I still counted a few I shouldn’t have.

    Squat Cleans – As Tom and Tom (Tom-Tom for short) have pointed out, I sat this one out and instead worked with Sofia as a budding CFer. I wish I could claim credit for her great form on the lifts, but alas, she seemed to flow very naturally into the movement. If she keeps at it, we will definitely see Sofia at the CFGames in a few years.

    Half-Tabata – 18 B2B squats (not doing squat cleans showed), 13 push-ups, 15 sit-ups, !! mtn climbers.

    As for the other Silly Heat Induced Talk:

    Tom A. – I don’t think I have any business commenting on personal hygiene, considering the salty hat (which actually became a salty helmet there before Steph made me wash it). And I quote from Chris W.: “No one mentioned wanting to vomit like earlier in the week…Maybe that’s related to the hat.” Thanks buddy.

    Rob – ditto the Balance votes. Apparently some Results slobs complained about Steph and I pushing ourselves with heavy weight reps at the gym (too bad the trainers all know and like us better)

    Tape and Calluses – personally I’m a picker, but tape can be your friend, just be sure to invert the first piece if you already have skin coming off; sticky tape+torn skin=not cool.

    Till tomorrow folks (at which point I will have slept, I hope).

  25. Maiko says:

    alright, I feel better about picking my calluses instead of trimming them properly. woot!

  26. Rob says:

    Thanks to all for the recommendations. I’ve been thinking about switching to Balance, but I didn’t know if there was anything good on “my” side of Connecticut (meaning the “cool” side). 🙂

  27. Sara says:

    I pick my calluses too. But I also file them. FOr me it doesn’t make a difference they seem to rip everytime I start pull-ups. Ditto the commemt about the tape – put gauze or as the buffer between the tape and callus.

  28. sara says:

    oh and Steph – count me in for the trip to the qualifiers

  29. Monica says:

    Wow, lots of posts! Yay to Steph and Ami for kipping, I think we are on to something here…

    Great to do skill work, especially the kips, I hadn’t worked on them for a while and plan to start up again this week after my lats aren’t sore 😉

    Got a PR on the cleans 95#, thanks to Ami, Steph and Mary for motivation! Only got 2, not 3 though…next time.

    For tabata, 17 squats, 10 pushups, 11 situps.

    Looking forward to next week 🙂

  30. Bryant says:

    Lol, thanks for the abundance of callous tips. Maiko, it was Friday night, and my bar was like EMPTY (spring break for all 3 area schools). Well I’m a bouncer, so that means I had nothing to do. So I took a kitchen knife and started picking them off and next thing you know I’m bleeding profusely!

    Reggie, the ped thing sounds good. My dad has one for some unknown reason, so I’ll snatch his when I go home.

    Not to worry though, the duct tape worked GREAT. Put a few wraps on each hand, and my own little WOD yesterday with no irritation to the cut. You will see me tonight bundled in duct tape!

    On another note. I set another PR for myself…thanks solely to CrossFit. After being stuck struggling to get 20 pullups for the our Physical Fitness Test, I tried doing max rep dead hangs sets last night. I’ve been doing kipping pullups for the past 3 weeks since starting CrossFit. Well to my surprise, I hopped on the bar and proceeded to do 25, 17, 10, 10 dead hangs. Not only is it fun, but I can’t believe how much better I perform, in only a few weeks of CrossFit! See yall tonight!