March 15, 2009
March 20, 2009

Meanwhile on the OTHER side of Connecticut Ave…

Workout: In groups of 3 to 4 with one person per station, complete as many reps as possible in a minute for each of the following stations:

Box Jumps
Med-Ball Sit-ups

DBs were used for the Thrusters. For the sit-ups, you hold the med-ball overhead during the movement but start out on your back holding the ball straight out in front of you.

The workout was done for a total of 5 rounds.


Post the loads to comments as usual!!

The remainder of the class was dedicated to some good ol’ fashion stretching.

***If you are planning on going to the Mid-Atlantic Qualifier either as a spectator or a competitor, let Tom or Steph know if you’d be interested in sharing a vacation home during that weekend. So far we have 7 people who would be open to doing that, but the more the merrier!***

Great work as always CFDC!



  1. edgy reggie says:

    Due to traffic (and a late start), I was able to complete only three rounds.

    I finally found my score sheet; here are my numbers:

    Round 3 (my first round)
    Thrusters (with a pair of 35# dumbbells): 12
    Box jumps (with the 22″ box): 10
    Sit-ups (with the 10# medicine ball): 20

    Round 4
    DB Thrusters: 10
    Box jumps: 13
    Sit-ups: 20

    Round 5
    DB Thrusters: 10
    Box jumps: 13
    Sit-ups: 22.

    All-in-all, it looked as if this was another “Killer Tuesday” workout. But…it was better than drinking mass quantities of beer for St. Patrick’s Day. 🙂

    I noticed a lot of sweat (and felt the steam) as I walked in which only meant one thing…everybody did a great job! 🙂

    CFDC’s own ODB is…ready for another tire-flipping Thursday with “Big Poppa” (of course).

  2. edgy reggie says:

    @Maiko: I get your slight “dig” at Rob’s comment about being on the “cool” side of Connecticut Ave. 🙂

  3. Maiko says:

    hehe, couldn’t resist! =P It sounded funny to me, like we’re on the wrong side of the train tracks LOL

    Thrusters = 30#dbs
    Box Jumps = uhm…it wasn’t the 24″ box and was definitely smaller. That’s all I know. I tried jumping once but felt like I was going to completely jump over the box so I stuck with step ups.
    Sit-ups = 16# ball.

    So Bryant, do you owe your friends drinks or not??

  4. Rob says:

    As last night proved, every once in a while, it’s good to “slum it” on the “other” side of Connecticut. For one, the gyms are better. Just watch yourself after dark. . . .

    We were using 45# DBs, which about caused my legs to collapse because I had done squats the day before. That also caused me to use the “little” box – not sure how tall it was. But certainly a fun little workout.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I used the 12.5 dbs for each round…yay me. I also used the 12 lb mb. Its not bad for sit ups…I also used it for Thursday’s wall balls…so maybe I’ll stick with it.

    I missed the warmup and it shows in my scores…I got better the more I worked out.

    Glad Reggie, Gary and Ami made it to class too.

    cya Thurs.

  6. Maiko says:

    You know you love the “Other” side Rob! >=D

    Rhonda I was wondering about your scores when I was putting them into the spreadsheet. That’s one hell of a warm-up! And nice to see you moving up in DB weight!!

    So I came across this entry from CF West Santa Cruz on Thruster tips (through CFNY’s site). Thought I’d share!


  7. SaltyHat says:

    Nice workout – the box jumps after the thrusters fried the legs. I teamed with Mark, Steve O., and Tom A. using 45# DBs, 30″ box, and 20# MedBall. Notched my first trip on the box as well – nothing compared to Alex (see Thursday, June 26, 2008 post), but embarrassing all the same. See ya Thursday.

  8. edgy reggie says:

    @Rhonda: Awwwwww, thanks! 🙂

  9. Sara says:

    I used 30# dumbells and 16# medball. I was definitely pushing the limit with the 30# DBs. My form sucked. I heard Tom say to me at least 3 times use your more legs more. I was trying but couldn’t get my mind off the fact that the DBs felt soooooo damn heavy.

    I did step-ups instead of box jumps.

    Today I am not feeling so well so if I am not in class tomorrow you know it is because I am sick.

  10. Maiko says:

    ugh, hope you feel better soon Sara!

    Thought I’d pass along this Puma coupon I found – 25% off on everything on the website I believe.

    Puma coupon: 25% off sitewide


  11. Maiko says:

    one more link and I’m done (for now).

    8 Inane & Pointless Pieces of Exercise Equipment

    Good for a chuckle, especially if you haven’t seen the Hawaii Chair before!