March 20, 2009
March 25, 2009

The first workout of Spring 2009 did NOT involve running outdoors!

Warm-up: Complete 3 times though

10 Squats
10 Push-ups
10 Supermans/Hyperextensions
10 Alt. Lunges
10 Scorpions

Strength Work: DEADLIFT – Work up to your 3RM

2×5, then 3×3. Post your last successful 3rep set to comments.

And since we did a lot of deadlift work, the metcon portion of the workout involved even more deadlifts paired with everyone’s FAVORITE exercise…BURPEES

Workout: Complete as many reps as possible in a minute of:

[2 min rest]

The set-up involved getting into groups of at most four but this was not a group workout.


Post loads, thoughts, and any corrections to comments.

Great work as always CFDC and I sure as hell hope you are outside enjoying the lovely weather unless you HAVE to be indoors. Rest your hammies and backs and be ready for Tuesday’s class.



  1. Maiko says:

    before I forget…

    pre-class: fooling around with handstands and ring push-ups.

    deadlifts: stopped at 194#, wasn’t feeling it today and back was still tight from moving crap Saturday.

    workout: used 135# for the dls. really paced myself with those and am glad I’m did. Back felt pretty bad afterward. Burpees…I need to learn how to drop straight into the bottom part of the push-ups.

    looking forward to May – will really put some money into getting my back back to par.

  2. Sara says:

    Lets see… Like Maiko I stopped at 194# today. I think I’m starting to psych myself out or something when it comes to going heavy.

    I worked with Maiko and Ami on the second part of the workout so we used 135#. felt ok but the burpees were really tough (I know we all were thinking that).

    Ami – Nice job on the PR 3 rep max deadlift @225. That is awesome.

  3. John Frazer says:

    Worked up to 261# for a single on the max effort deadlifts. Best triple was 231#.

    Really struggled with keeping the bar moving on the metcon, and burpees are always a nemesis.

  4. edgy reggie says:

    Deadlifts: I worked out with Steve O. and “Le chapeau salΓ©.” We worked up to 385# x 3. It didn’t feel too bad…just heavy! πŸ™‚

    Met-con: We backed down a bit and did 185# deadlifts (in addition, I should not have messed around with Scott and Tom A.’s weight in the deadlift portion…I paid for that in the met-con). I definitely hit a wall on round four. As for burpees….well, do you really want me to get started on that? πŸ™‚

    Is it just me or did anyone else notice the exercises on the spreadsheet? Funny, I don’t recall doing thrusters (yeah, I realize that it was probably a “cut-and-paste” job on Maiko’s part). πŸ™‚

    CFDC’s own ODB…wants more tire flipping.

  5. Maiko says:

    not cut and paste job, just a rush job. Tom sent me a txt msg about it but by the time I saw the msg I was internet-less again!

  6. Maiko says:

    **CERT ALERT!!**

    I’ve been keeping an eye on the main page for this for a couple of months now and now it’s finally up! Robb Wolf will be coming to the area to give his Nutrition Cert at Crossfit Fairfax on the 30th of May. The cost is $195 for the one-day seminar. I REALLY want to go to the seminar but I seriously doubt it (unless hospital bills turn out a lot lower than I’m imagining), but Robb is THE MAN. If you have the time and the $, I highly recommend you go!

    Register HERE.

  7. Rob says:

    Maiko – thank you so much for the heads up about the nutrition cert! I’ve been hoping that they would schedule one in the DC area for months now. I’ll try and take good notes for those who can’t make it.

    I was with the “John F” duo. We went up to 301# for our three rep max. I then decided to do a one rep max after that, not realizing that we were doing more deadlifts as part of the workout! That was not such a good idea, as my back and legs were pretty fried by that point. But at least I PR’ed on my 1-rep max, so I’m happy.

  8. Tom Brose says:

    Going to be some sore hamstrings over the next few days, make sure to really stretch, and warmup before your workouts. Deadlifts looked good, everyone was aware of back position, but we still need some work on optimal setup and head positioning. Good work, especially to those who PR’d.

    Robb Wolf is THE man for nutrition, I highly recommend going.

  9. John Frazer says:

    My middle back is what’s killing me. About to get in a car for a 5-hour drive, will let you know about the hamstrings after that.

    Of course I may have helped or hurt my legs with another adventure last night. Went out for a quick walk with one of the dogs, decided to try a new route. Didn’t realize there was no cut-through street to get back home, so we ended up doing four miles. Well, that’s functional, too.

  10. Steph says:

    Deadlifts: 3 at 170#. Still couldn’t get even 1 rep at 180#, very frustrating. Tom said I need to work on my form, I set up ok but apparently rock back as I start to lift. Will be working on that this week. Ami rocked the deadlifts yesterday! Congrats on your new PR!!!

    Workout: teamed up with Andraea (yay, welcome back!!!) and Monica (always a pleasure :)). Used 135# for the deadlifts. The first 3 rounds didn’t feel bad, but man the last two rounds sucked. With most of the other 5-round metcons we had done before I always found myself having the energy to come back stronger in round 5, but not with this one. Round 5 sucked waaaay more than round 4.

    Great job by everyone! See you Tuesday!

  11. SaltyHat says:

    Max@3: 385
    Used 185 for the Metcon – form felt ugly on Round 5, but didn’t really feel it in the back as much as my hammies the rest of the day. It’s already been said, but I’ll say the same: this was one of the first 5rep workouts where Round 5 didn’t produce higher numbers than 3 or 4 – i was just toast by that point.

    Also, I like having the rest period between burpees and DL’s – I find in DL-burpee workouts that I actually suffer more transitioning from burpees to DLs because I struggle to intake and hold a breath long enough to start moving the weight without sacrificing form, whereas transitioning from DL’s to burpees just makes me breathe harder.

  12. TomandAmi says:

    I did not sleep well last night because Ami’s back was sore which made her move CONSTANTLY. The cross(fit)I bear.

    As for me I am sore as well and still trying to get rid of some latent tightness/soreness in my lower back from squatting about 10 days ago that I can not shake so deadlifts are not my friend now.

    Anyway, fun class – my Sofia enjoyed it too. Thanks Fatima for watching out for her.

    Damn, Steve O. and Chris (el gorro salado)crushed it with the deadlifts reps. Wow.

    And I am actually going to Chicago the weekend before the Regionals for the Nuritition Seminar!

  13. Anonymous says:

    I believe I was doing around 240# for my 3RM, though, like Tom A. (who I was working with), I didn’t really feel it on the deadlifts, so I stayed away from my PR range. Also, thanks to Tom A. and Tom B. for helping me with my technique. I still have a ways to go but I think I’m improving steadily.

    – Scott

  14. Maiko says:

    Rob – glad to be of some use! =) When I was originally planning to go I figured I’d just bring a recorder and not worry about note taking b/c I was sure all the info would go right over my head anyway, lol. But yes, please share notes!!!

    Tom A – I feel bad for not mentioning the cert when I first learned about it = Unless you already had to be in Chicago for something else…anyway, please share notes too!!!

  15. sara says:

    I have some very sore body parts today. My hammies are sore but not as sore as my mid/upper back. I don’t really remember getting this sore in that area after deadlifting. I feel like I spent the morning doing pull-ups. The lower back is a little tight which is to be expected with heavy DLs but not too bad.

    Thanks for the cert info maiko… I will consider it.

  16. Monica says:

    Worked up to 195# with deadlifts today; totally felt it in my lats the whole time, which Tom said was good, so I believe him πŸ™‚

    It was amazing watching Ami crush the 225# like it was nothing!

    The second part hurt! I have never lost steam so quickly before, esp with 135# DL (at least not for a while). I thought I was above west to east coast jet lag, but apparently not. Always appreciate encouragement from the girls, thank Steph and Andraea. Definitely feeling it everwhere today, like John I was in the car for 5 hours too…so didn’t help πŸ˜‰

    Looking forward to making it in on Thursday!

  17. Chris w says:

    Sorry to miss the deadlifting..Nice work! But Tom delivered an outstanding Elements class. There were only 2 of us, so Tom tried out a WO designed to replicate the combination of rowing and beatdowns that went on in the hulls of Viking ships. (or a prototype of Regatta Gone Bad, maybe, unless that’s taken already)This was pretty cool, loved it, but I am still wrecked, and did not have to ease off at all to “let” my 7 yr old daughter beat me in a 100 meter race later yesterday.

    In 20 minutes, AMRAP of 2 minutes of rowing followed by doing the # of calories rowed each of DB thrusters (30s for me)and burpees. I did 2 rounds, 42 and 29, I think. In overtime. (22 min)

    Yeah, like you were saying Tom, it would be cool/horrible to try this with the ratio of rowing to reps turned up. Like you do your calories in total reps of thrusters plus burpees, instead of each. Or maybe 1 minute rows?

    I think this workout was karmic payback for when I was a coxswain in high-school and part of college: the hopefully light person (usually sub 135#)who sits in the stern, and steers and urges on the rowers. And does no rowing, except maybe on the C2 to make weight.

    Need to work on thruster form. I’m not really aware when my back is rounding. I had read the tips, and remembered some of them though.

  18. edgy reggie says:

    I did yoga last night which alleviated some of the soreness I was feeling in my hamstrings (which were stretched quite a bit during class) and back (specifically middle and lower).

    But doing a lot of sitting in my new job today did produce some soreness in my as…er, glutes. πŸ™‚